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Listening Practice

on November 18, 2015

In the next class (December 1st) we will practice our listening skills. For homework, please watch this 5-minute video of Kellee Santiago explaining why and how game design is important to real life. This topic relates to what you will hear in class.

Before you listen to her presentation, think about what you know about video games. Then predict what you might hear. As you listen, compare what you hear with what you expected. Finally, after the listening, critically evaluate your listening skills as well as the information she provided. Look at the questions below, choose one, then answer it in the comments.

1. Did accessing your background information and predicting help you to understand the speech? If so, how? If not, why not?

2. As you listened and compared what she said with what you expected, did it help you understand the speech better? If so, how? If not, why not?

3. How well could you understand her speech? What kinds of things helped your comprehension and what might have hindered your understanding?

These vocabulary words will be important in the next class: alternate reality, gamers, epic, crowd-sourcing


20 responses to “Listening Practice

  1. Ichiyo Shimizu says:

    For the question 1, yes, background information and predicting helped me understand what she is saying though my expectation missed the mark. At first, I thought I was going to hear about how video games are made, like how to design characters, situations, stories and so on because in the introduction, it says, “Think about what you know about video games.” This made me think that the presenter would mention only video games, but actually, she mentioned general games or play. However, this didn’t avoid me understanding the presentation because it happens to me very often. I often make wrong guesses, so I’m used to that. Rather, predicting still helps me because I can at least focus my attention on games, not on any other things.

  2. Chikako Tauge(T4) says:

    I will answer to the question 2.
    Yes, it helped me to understand her speech better than just listening to it. I thought I would hear about technical facts about games, and although it was different from what actually she said, it did helped me because I could listen carefully. I think it is much better than listening to the speech with doing nothing.

  3. Rika Morofuji (T4) says:

    I would like to answer the question No.1.
    Before listening, I predicted that I will hear the effect of video games to our brains or something technological stories. I did not know about video games well and could not guess deeply. My background might not have been useful, but the information that I will hear a story about games was helpful. I was able to prepare for the story and pay attention to games .

  4. reina inoue T4 says:

    I will answer the question 3.
    I could understand what the speaker want us to tell. But I could not understand details of supports of her opinion. My knowledge about benefits of playing games helped me to understand her speach, because I already know her idea !! So I predict what she will say easliry. But 5 min speach is too long for me. I could not keep myself consentrate on the speach. And she speaked a little fast so I needed much enegy to listen….

  5. Yao T4 says:

    Hi, Matt. I’m Yao.
    I’d like to answer the question 3. I think maybe I can understand 70% of what she’s talking about. The pictures she showed help me lot. It’s easier to catch the point with the pictures. But I don’t really play games so I’m not familiar with this topic and 5 minutes is quite too long especially at late night (sorry I didn’t do it earlier). And I also have a bad habit. If I can’t catch one word, I may take too much time to think about it and it will haunt me during the whole speech. I know I should let it go, but sometimes it’s hard to control me thinking about it.

  6. Yu Kobayashi (T4 ) says:

    I will answer question No. 3 .
    I think what I expected helped me to under stand what she said . Although I couldn’t understand it perfectly, if I didn’t predict , I think I understand less.
    Maybe it is true that thinking before we hear is helpful for us to understand the same topic .Because when I talk with my friend, I can understand better what he or she wants to say and I can say much when the topic was what I have thought before. This happens because I am interested in the topic I think.
    When it comes to what interests me, I can understand better than it doesn’t interests me.

    Thank you for coming to us in Gaigosa
    ! !i
    See you.

  7. Akari Yamada (T4) says:

    I’ll answer question2.
    I think it help me to understand this speech well. Before I watch this, I thought of the importance of game design and her opinion was by chance close to my expectation. So it was little easy to understand. However, I only concentrated my attention on the difference between my expectation and the actual so I couldn’t understand well expect the contents related to my expectation.

  8. Miki Kashiwa says:

    I’ll answer the question 3.
    Her speech was not easy for me and I couldn’t understand it well…
    However, pictures she showed during her speech helped me to understand it a little. Also, her clear voice was good. In contrast, the length of her speech was long for me and it is not good points…I almost fell asleep while listening to her speech…

  9. Aiko Narasaki says:

    I think the answer for question 2 is NO, because her speech and my prediction have no connections at all.
    To make effective prediction, you will need background information. I don’t play video games, and not interested in it, so I don’t have any useful (or academic) background information. I suppose if the topic was about Russia or violin, I could make better prediction and it would help my understanding.

  10. Yuka Hattori says:

    l will answer the question 3. I may understod jer speech 50 persent. I think so because l could got what she said at first, the part of introduction, but I didn’t get so much information in detail. She said patterns makes us happy and game creaters study and make patterns. Then, we should be game creaters.
    I was able to understand her main idea because she summarized her opinion finally. l t made me understand her speech easily. In addition, some pictures she showed us played a great role.
    On the other hand, there was little information being related to the presentation on the slides. I wanted to earn much more information from the slides.

  11. Emi Tanaka(T4) says:

    I choose question 1.
    A part of my expectation connects to her speech but can’t predict whole things. So it helps me to understand partially.
    I expected games tell us how to cooperate with other player, the importance of obeying the rules, and challenging the goal. Through games, children can learn how to develop an adult and she says the same thing.
    But in the speech, she stresses games include patterns which can make us happy. I didn’t think of a clear conclusion like this. It was not easy to get information on “patterns” and examples.

  12. Rio Sato(T4) says:

    I will answer the question 2.
    Before I listen to her presentation I expected that I would hear that we can use some experiences which we have in the game to real life. If you experience social role in the game, you can apply real role easily.
    This expecting helped me understand the presentation but I think expectations might not always help us. Sometimes it will get in the way I understand the presentations directly, because our minds try to find something that I expected before in the presentation.

  13. Ayumi Nakahara(T4) says:

    I’ll choose question 2.
    My expectation helps me to understand the speech better. That is because I expected that I will listen about the topic which explains what is important on designing games. Moreover, I expected that this important thing helps us in our real life in some ways.
    However, I didn’t know that people are interested in patterns and game designers are always thinking about people`s happiness during designing games.
    I don’t often play games, but thank you for this listening, I became interested in games and game designers more than before.

  14. Keisuke Koyama says:

    Answering question 2, I don’t think predicting itself always helps us understand what we will listen to next. As for me, looking at the title, I assumed this is a kind of speech of the influence of video game on real life. but, in fact, it is rather a speech of making great pattern than video game. When we see it as another topic different from real one in advance, it makes us hard to get it right.

  15. Mika Osada(T4) says:

    Hi, Matt. I answer the question 2.
    Before I watched the video, I had no idea about video games because I had had little time to play video games so far.
    So I guessed what I would listen to. I thought I would watch about the fun of video games. By playing video games, we can play roles; we can be heros. When we concentrate on playing games, we can forget about unpleasant things in real life.
    I agree with what she says in the 5-minute-video. When we have clear goals and objectives, we get motivated. Video games give us patterns (challenge, goals and feedback) and make us happy.

  16. Keishu Joi(T4) says:

    I would like to answer number2.
    To think about the result, it doesnt work for me, because my prediction was totally different from the fact she says in the video.
    I think that when we predict what we are listening it is most important not to predict too far. It is dangerous to have too many ideas.

  17. Atsushi Igarashi(T4) says:

    I choose No.2. From this title of this speech, I wondered why playing game was seemed good for our lives, because it is often said that playing games influences badly for children. I could not understand all of the speech, but I could skim the good aspects of the games.

  18. Kenji (T4) says:

    Hi, Matt!
    How was your Gaigosai? I shared great time with my classmate running a arabian restaurant.

    I’ll answer the question 2.
    Analogizing from the title, I expected the theme of the presentation related to the deep connection between game and happiness. Since she made mention that games have a lot of pattern and pattern can make you happy, eventually my expectation turned out to be almost right. Then I was able to keep grasping the key point throughout the presentation.


  19. Ayaka Kishino(T4) says:

    I answer to the question 3.
    I couldn’t understand her speech so much. From the title,I guessed that it was about the importance of the design of the game to make a hit in market, actually I heard about the importance of the games as fixed patterns in our daily lives,I think.
    What helped me comprehend is my enthusiastic listening with interest and what might have hindered my listening is the ruck of concentration.

  20. Tomoka Mori says:

    Last week, I badly had a cold, and I was sorry I did not hear your impression about school festival…

    I choose the question No.1.
    Before listening this video, I predicted why video game so important for people, and how video games changed the life of people.
    After, what she spoke is very far from what I expected, and because of my little vocabulary, I does not understand so much.
    So, I do not think predicting the speech help us to listen. As a student of foreign language, predicting is not related to our listening skill of foreigner , and what is more important is vocabulary of that language.

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