Interactive English: Reception

Reading and Listening

Achievement Check 1

on November 10, 2015

For the achievement check next week, you will have one listening component and one reading component. Look at both of the questions below and answer one of them in the comments.

1. The listening component is named “Music and the Mind”. What do you expect to hear? Is there anything you can share with us about music and/or our minds?

2. The reading component is an opinion article from a British magazine covering the topic of globalization. What do you expect to read about? Is there anything you can share with us about different opinions on globalization?


21 responses to “Achievement Check 1

  1. Yuka Hattori says:

    Hi,Matt. I ‘m Yuka.
    I answer the question 2.
    There are some opinins about the global warming. I know a opinion that global warming hasn’t happened because a climate of the earth sometimes extremely change. Part of sientists claim that seeing the change of the climate totaly, It is not a strange thing.
    Recently, I heard a news saying that the Antarctic ice actually haven’t melted so much. In addition, the amount of ice has been increasing in fact. Iwas surprised by hearing that because I believed that global warming made the ice melting. I wondered if a global warming is occuring now. I think we listen to some surprising news or information like this.

  2. Yuki Yokomizo (T4) says:

    Hi, Matt. I’m Yuki^^
    I’ll answer Question 1.
    For me, it is not too much to say that music is one of the most essential component in my life.
    I love K-pop very very much!!! K-pop is good in its distinctive rhythm and melody compared with J-pop(I think J-pop is good in lyrics peculiar to gentle Japanese.) That’s why whenever I listen to K-pop, I feel better. But sometimes I’m sentimental and I don’t feel like listening to loud music. At such a time, I listen to ballad song.
    I think our minds are connected to music fairly closely. Music is one of the way we can convey what we think or feel without words. Music is common language for us. So, the sound of music may be come in our brains directly. Possibly we might think with music! in our brains.
    I’m looking forward to the listening.
    Next week, we have school festival finally. Please come to eat Indonesian food^^

  3. Rika Morofuji (T4) says:

    I would like to answer the question 1.
    I guess that we will hear a story of the effects of music to our brains. There are many kinds of music all over the world. Music gives people much feelings, such as relaxing, enjoying, sadness , scary, pleasant, and so on. I have heard that music in supermarkets affects how much customers buy. So, we can say music has big power to our minds, and people can enjoy music each other regardless their cultures or languages.

  4. Emi Tanaka says:

    I answer question 1.
    In the achievement check, we will hear the topic of effects of music to the mind. Music helps me to live comfortably. Thus, music can refresh the mind or clear the brain. For instance, when I listen to the classical music or some jazz songs before going to bed, I can fall asleep easily. Before a term-end exam, I try to listen to my favorite song so as to relax. And music is one of the ways of comfort depression.
    Moreover, I heard some positive effects of the music. If you learn to play the piano or anything else in childhood, you can control well your mind and feels than those who don’t. Healing music improves concentration on your work.

  5. Akari Yamada (T4) says:

    Hi Matt! I’ll answer question1.
    Judging from the title, I think we will hear about Mozart effect. I have heard that if we listen the crassic music like Mozart, we can be smart. And also I heard that the classic music make an good effect on not only adults but also fetus. The reason why these effects are occurred is the classic music make us relax. That is we always live in a stressful society so classic music get us to be in calm.
    I always use this way. For example, when I study for an exam, I always get little nervous. In a case like that I listen to the classic music and make me calm. By doing so I can make progress in my studies.

  6. Rio Sato(T4) says:

    Hi,Matt! I’m Rio.
    I will answer the question 1.
    Judging from the title “Music and the Mind”, I expect that we will learn the effects of music to mind.
    I will try to explain this through my experiences. I like to listen to the music, so I do it almost all day. When I listen to the music,
    I can forget the real world and become to happy. I don’t know the reason but I believe that music have a strong power which influence our body.

  7. Ichiyo Shimizu says:

    For the question 1, I think we’re going to hear about the influence of music to our minds. For example, when you’re listening to music, you can get relaxed, happy or maybe sad. So,music has some influence to our feelings. We are going to hear something like that. Also, I heard that if you make your children listen to Mozart’s music, they’ll be intelligent, but I’m not sure if this is proved scientifically… Anyway, it seems Mozart’s music is good to our brain. I don’t know.

  8. Miki Kashiwa says:

    I answer the question 2.
    The topic of globalization makes me think of some specific examples that globalization affects developing countries in different ways, such as economic and cultural aspects.
    Globalization is thought to be something that developing countries are just influenced by American or Europian cultures, but I bet there are many actual examples that globalization is welcomed by local communities as ”glocalization”. One good example is McDonalds, which serves different kinds of hamburgers in gifferent countries.

  9. Chikako Tsuge (T4) says:

    I will answer to the question 1.
    I think we will hear about how music affects our mind, or brain. For example, rock or pop music are very fun, they give us energy, joy and motivation, and sometimes sadness, but they are not good for studying, because we cannot concentrate on it. However, I heard classic music is said to be good for studying, also this kind of music is very relaxing. So music has some different effect on our mind I think.

  10. Yao T4 says:

    Hi, Matt. I’m Yao.
    I’d like to answer the question 1.
    I think maybe we are going to learn about the great influence that music has on the mind.I remember that I have read an article about an experiment done in the restaurant to find out how music influence us. And it turns out that the fast-paced song in the restaurant will make the customers eat faster and if the rhythm of the music is slow,people will also eat more slowly. So music does have influence on us, not only the action but also the mind.
    And music is the most important thing in my life. It has magic. It can heal my wound but can also make me crazy. Everytime I feel sad and have nobody to say about it, I will turn to music and it’s always there for me. I really think music is the most valuable wealth that humans have created.

  11. reina inoue T4 says:

    I’ll answer question 1.
    I think we wil hear about strong relationship with music and mind. Music has strong power so our mind resecive sometimes good, sometimes bad infruences. We can use music to controll our mind. CM is a good example. We can remember commarcial songs easily. And when we hear the songs, we immediatly think about the CM and what they want us to appeal.
    I heard if little kids listen to the music of Mozart, the kids become smarter. I think this rumor is not ture but Music has a power and we know that. So such a rumor has splead!!!

  12. Ayumi Nakahara(T4) says:

    I choose question 1.
    I expect that we hear about the relationship between music and our minds. I think music has a positive effect on my mind, such as giving contentment. Many people listen to music if they want to relax or continuing their concentration. However, some people say that “I cannot study while I am listening to music.” Therefore, music not always gives us a good influences. I want to know what kind of music have the most positive effect on us. Classic, or J-POP?

  13. Keishu Joi(T4) says:

    Hello, Matt!
    I would like to answer the question 1.
    I think “Music and the Mind” is an article from the theory that is medically proved. As you know, there is controvertial issues about musical power. For example, when I study I often listen to Music at the same time. I am often promoted by the music. But sometimes I cannot concentrate on studying .
    So I think music has influenced on human mind to suit the occation.

  14. Yu Kobayashi (T4 ) says:

    I will answer question 1.

    I think this is about how music works on our mind . For example , when we study , some says listening music is good for your concentration. But maybe it depends on the kind of music if we can concentrate or not.
    Actually I have such auch a experience.
    When I listen to music which is my favorite , I cannot concentrate to study much because I concentrate to listen to the music. But when it comes to other songs , I can concentrate study better than not listening sometimes.
    I want to know the answer of how music works on mind, if my suggestion is right .
    Thank you. See you.

  15. Yu Kobashi(T4) says:

    I will answer question 1.

    I think we will hear about how music works on our brain when we study .
    Some says that music can enables us to concentrate . I think it depends on the kind of music we listen , but it is interesting topic.
    Actually I have experiences such like that . When we listen to the music which is my favorite and study , I cannot concentrate to study well because I concentrate to listen to the music.
    Thank you.See you.

  16. Atsushi Igarashi(T4) says:

    I’ll answer question1. I think music influences mind very much. I hear many NBA players listen to music which drives their motivation at the locker room before the game starts. Music can make them more concentratable. I think the achievement check might be about how music affects our mind and exploits our potetial ability.

  17. Aiko Narasaki says:

    I chose question 1.
    I play the violin. I’m belonging to the TUFS orchestra, and I practice playing it everyday.
    What I feel about music and mind is that you become happy when you play music. Although sometimes there are difficulties to play, it’s a kind of fun. (Even if I have a fever and feel bad, I can play the violin and it makes me feel better.)
    I’m looking forward to hear such happy story.

  18. Tomoka Mori says:

    I want to refer to the question of number one . I think music is closely related to our mind. When I am happy, I want to listen a happy music, and when my feelings is not so good, I want to listen calm song. So, in my opinion, music affect our feelings.
    At the same time, I think music and our memory have a close connection. For example, when we have been disappointed in love, we don’t want to listen the music which had listened with boy or girlfriend. It’s because, that music makes us remember that sweet days.

  19. Keisuke Koyama (Chankei) says:

    Good morning, Matt!
    What a nice day! Today, we, of course, have a ACHIEVEMENT CHECK, though we have GAIGOSAI this week…
    Thinking of listening one, I’m looking forward to working on the important test. I practically study ,listening to music. Also, I heard that listening to Mozart’s music has a good influence on studying. I don’t know how musics work while studying, but I expect we will be able to know it via this English test.
    I rarely listen to Mozart’s musics anyway.

  20. Natsumi Mizumura (T4) says:

    Hi Matt!
    This week, we will have a festival, so I’m busy now but I’m very looking forward to joining Gaigosai!!
    But next class we will have an achievement check, so I’m little nervous because now I feel strong that I can’t use English fluently. I swear to get hard to practice.

    Then, this week question, I’ll answer the first question.
    I guess we will listen about how about music influences our mind and brain. I have many experience that music effect my feeling and when I want to change my mind, I choose songs it have its speciality mood. I’m sure that music have a lot of power.

  21. Ayaka Kishino(T4) says:

    I choose the question1.
    Many times, I’ve heard about something like that music influence your mind, mood,and the work of the brain so much and sometimes you notice the change of the mood directly,but sometimes you don’t, unconciously.
    When you want to concentrate on something, do you hate any noises??Or don’t you mind them?
    Some people will hate. However, perhaps you have heard that your brain work better with some kinds of music.
    And actually, I concentrate well and feel better with songs I like.
    There are many strategies related to the effects of music and I would like to listen about it.

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