Interactive English: Reception

Reading and Listening

Listening to Fiction

on June 17, 2015


In the next class we will listen to an author read a short story by another author that influenced him. After he reads the story, we will listen the fiction editor of the New Yorker, Deborah Treisman, interview him. Have a look around the New Yorker Fiction website HERE and in our class blog comments, tell us something you find.

These vocabulary words will be important: the theme of a story, a story based on someone’s life, autobiography, “puppy love”, “hero worship”, ironic, impermanence


22 responses to “Listening to Fiction

  1. Yuka Hattori(T4) says:

    I read the article about one of the Deborah Treisman’s work. In the article, a fiction writer whose name is Elizabeth Harrower discuss her work “Alice”. I read “Alice” a little. This was a story about an unhappy girl “Alice” who isn’t loved as the same as her brothers by her mother. She is in unfair environment in comparison with her two brothers. I felt sad while reading the story. I also listened to the story spoken by the author of “Alice”. Her voice was easy to listen to because she spoke slowly and clearly, so it was easy to catch what she was saying.
    I would like to read and listen to other stories on the website.
    The New Yorker sorts the articles depending on their topics. It makes visitors of the website easy to find what they want to read at that time.

  2. Takuto Kase(T4) says:

    On the website, I read “SEVEN PLACES TO VISIT (RIGHT) BEFORE YOU DIE” by Andrew Law. This article deals with seven places which you should visit such as church. But this article is categorized as “humor”. So, I think that it looks serious but somewhat is a little funny. I saw this website by smart phone but it’s easy for me to browse because many articles are categorized.

  3. Annie(T4) says:

    Hi, Matt! I’m Annie in T4.
    I read a passage titled “What We’re Reading This Summer” in the website. It introduced several readers’ reading plans in this summer. An interesting idea I found in the article was listening to audio books. A reader named Kathryn Schulz talked about it in his plan. According to him, listening to audio books is a good way to make use of our potential reading time and it brings more pleasure than reading on pages.
    I have read many books these years, but haven’t “listened to” one yet. Maybe I should have a try next time. (I’m looking forward to listening to the fiction story in class.)
    That’s all, thank you.

  4. reina inoue T4 says:

    I read a passeage named “Father”. In the passeage, we can read about the auther’s father. His father died 1 month ago. Now, he can only remember storis when his father was young… bucause he do not like his fathre when he has got old. His father became sick and suffered from it. It was hard for the auther to see weak, depressed father. I his dream, his father was young and strong. His father tryed to tell the auther about the world after deth. But he couldn’t. And the auther thought his father noticed that it is not like the world he thought before deth, he tried to tell he was wrong.
    I also want to know the world after deth. But no one can tell us!

  5. Ayumi Nakahara(T4) says:

    I have been to New York when I was a child, so I was interested in the story “MANHATTAN IN 11031 A.D” and I read it. In this story, two men are going to explore the city of New York, which is consumed before. To my surprise, this city is Manhattan. The atmosphere of this story is little scary. Many skeletons are appeared. I think the author of this story wants to tell the readers that we should protect our beautiful towns. Recently, global warming is going serious and some regions are faced with danger of disappearance because of rising water of ocean. This story is a moving story.

  6. Ichiyo Shimizu says:

    I read an article titled My Grandfather’s Driver’s License. In this article, someone tells us about his or her grand father’s life and his driver’s license. According to the speaker, the grand father needed a driver’s license but he was too young to get it. So, he cheated his birthday and it worked. He finally got his driver’s license. After that, he started to work as a repairer of cars and ships. He repaired ships in the World War. It was a simple story that discribes a man’s story.

  7. Rika Morofuji(T4) says:

    I read a passage titled “CAN READING MAKE YOU HAPPIER?”
    I was impressed by the part which says, “You must read more novels. Not pleasant stories that make you forget yourself.They must be searching, drastic, stinging, relentless novels.Such books put new life into us and then set the life pulse strong but slow.” These days, I don’t read novels,but imagining choosing books , I may tend to search books with happy end.But,reading such unforgettable books will lead me to new or unknown world.So, I want to read more various books and expand my knowledge .

  8. Yu Kobashi(T4) says:

    I read “What went on in wonderland. “In the article , I found the story of “Alice in wonderland “and noticed that I have not read it. Although I kow the story to some extent , I do not know in detail . The article said
    “Everybody knows Alice, but that is not the same thing. There are countless ways to know something, or someone, without firsthand evidence”
    I have heard of the story from someone ,so I think it is not good way to know something well..I want read it on my own.

  9. Chikako Tsuge(T4) says:

    I read a part of “THE SQUARE” by Tatyana Tolstaya. A Russian painter, Kazimir Malevich painted a canvas white around the edges, and daubed the middle with thick black paint. It’s a very simple work, anyone could paint like this, but anyone doesn’t, and it’s a great work actually. It was exhibited in a dacha, displayed in the corner, under the ceiling, right where it is customary to hang Russian Orthodox icons. He quite consciously displayed a black hole in a sacred spot, and said this work was “an icon of our times.” I found this sentence very interesting, “instead of an icon—that is, instead of a window into the heavens, into the light, into eternal life—gloom, a cellar, a trapdoor into the underworld, eternal darkness.”

  10. Minami Shimoura (T4) says:

    I watched some videos on The New Yorker Videos. I found an interesting video that the writer and his cartoon’s character are talking. The character, reaper, is so scary, but this video shows a part of his daily life. It is interesting the reaper looks an ordinary people.
    I also found a wonderful video that shows the development of technology by a video game. The video game is set in universe; there are no humans. I’m amazed of the improvement of the image quality.

  11. T4 Yuki Yokomizo says:

    Hi, Matt! I’m Yuki.
    This website looks fashionable. But, it also tells us a lot of useful information.
    For example, in Cartoons, I was impressed by “I know it’s a black thing and a white thing and a gun thing. But I don’t understand why it has to be an American thing.” I was able to understand that this maybe mentioned the incident of America. On 17th June, at the church in South Carolina, where many black people often go, nine of them were killed by white man. America is said to be a country of freedom, but I thought that many discrimination because of skin color or something remained. Also, I think this catchy phrase can tell us the core briefly.
    I think a smart person might fully get knowledge and culture by reading such a fashionable website, although I just imagined selfishly.
    Thank you.

  12. Atsushi Igarashi(T4) says:

    I watched some videos on The New Yorker Videos.I read “What We’re Reading This Summer”. I often read something in Japanese, English or Indonesian, I major in, and then, think about it. But I reraly listen to and think. I should try to do this in everyday life.

  13. Aiko Narasaki (T4) says:

    I read an article about Carroll’s famous tale, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, by Anthony Lane. It was so long and difficult, and I couldn’t get what it said well.
    I did know about the tale, but I didn’t know about the whole story and the author. (I haven’t read it.)
    What I thought interesting was Alice’s philosophy. She asks herself, “Was I the same when I got up this morning?” just as philosophers do. I think the Alice’s tale is not a literature for kids, but we can also enjoy it after we have grown up.
    The article was very difficult to me, but I will try again!

  14. Akari Yamada (T4) says:

    I read a news story titled Children’s-Museum Survival Tips for Dads by Dahlia Lithwick. This article is difficult to understand but according to this article, many fathers wants to fall in asleep unobtrusively because of new medical pathology, known as Daddy Dropsy. And the author suggest the place to sleep. I thought this article is interesting because this article focuses on not kids feelings but fathers feelings and then we can understand father’s difficulty. I also thought this phenomenon happens not only in New York but also in Japan. Summer vacation will start soon, so I would like to observe when I’m out.

  15. Rio Sato(T4) says:

    I read the article whose title is ” What we’re reading this summer “.
    In the article many people recommended various books. I noticed that I rarely read books written by foreigners ( I always read books written by Japanese authors ).
    I have decided that I would like to read two books in a month, so this article was very helpful for me. In the article I found Russian books, so I would like to read it!

  16. keisuke koyama (Chankei) says:

    I read the article, “The Simple Truth About Gun Control”,written by Adam Gopnik.
    Surprisingly, he said it was a rather simple problem.
    “More guns = more homicide”.
    This is the words of a social scientist and Gopnik cited this words. According to Gopnik, even in the US, states with strong gun laws have, in fact, fewer gun murders. In Japan, there is, apparently, no people who have guns. After reading this article, I rethought this is mainly because we have rarely heard of news of gun murders. In a sense, we are so happy to be in that safe country.
    Ultimately, he mention that all of us have to care to know the matter.Our attitudes are subject to doom more kids to the horrible death,more parents to unspeakable grief.

  17. Emi Tanaka(T4) says:

    I read the passage ” The Misfit”. This Article features Rei Kawakubo, the Japanese fashion designer whose company is called “Comme des Garçons.” Her clothes have a linear design and most of them are black. In Western countries, her style attracted many people because of the difference from the conventional fashion. As she doesn’t want to do like other people, she have tried to challenge the new things.
    To change the ordinary system or style and create entirely different concept is most difficult but happy thing, I think. This website gives a stimulus to think creatively.

  18. Mika Osada(T4) says:

    There are many kinds of article in the New Yorker; news, fiction, culture and magazine. I am happy to get valuable information written in English.
    I read the article about the new Pixer film “Inside out”. Most part of the story takes place out of sight, within the confines of Heroine’s mind, where primary feelings affect her every move. There are five in all: Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness. The names of them are really fun, aren’t they? Usually, talking cars or robots are involved in the Pixar film. However, in this movie, there are no superhero. Reading this article, I got to want to watch the movie.

  19. Keishu Joi (T4) says:

    I found it difficult to understand all wards, because not a few words are difficult. But I can read the outline.

    I chose the article, ‘ APPLE VERSUS GOOGLE’. I am especially interested in that, in a technology lollapalooza of GOOGLE, what strucked the author was how simmilar that of APPLE is. Furthermore, both two were so boring that the author had a moment that were good for a quiqk nap.
    I think the two companies have to work more, and lead this technological world.

    Thank you,

  20. Ayaka Kishino says:

    I read “GO ASK ALICE”,the article about the world famous fairly tale “Alice in the Wonderland”and the author of it, Lewis Carroll.Because I like Alice, I chose it.
    In the article,I found that the fairy tale is not only for children but also fascinates a lot of adults and many people study it. Moreover,Lewis was so mysterious person and his riddle becomes more complicated.
    It was a lot of fun to read the article because there ware many quotation from “Alice in the wonderland”and the author’s word.
    I learn that quotation is one of effective way to keep readers concentrating on the sentences.

  21. Ling(T4) says:

    Hi,matt,I’m Ling from your T4 class.I have clicked the link of THE NEW YORKER.
    Then I first searched the word “matt”,the items that came out is 2012,the number sounds good.Ok,just a joke.And I want to know the things about China in this magazine.So I searched the keyword “Chinese”,and then the item appeared is almost the news about Chinese politics.I didn’t read it in detail,just saw the photo attached to the items.There were nearly chairman Xi’s photos,so I realized that this was a news about Chinese politics.

  22. Miki Kashiwa says:

    I read “JAMES SALTER IN THE NEW YORKER”.This is the story about James Salter.He was the writer and died in New York when he was ninety years old.Perhaps best known for his 1967 novel is”A Sport and a Pastime”.Also,Salter spent twelve years in the Air Force,several of them as a fighter pilot.So,
    he also wrote a brief reflection on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
    Because I major in Malaysian language, I want to read the reflection!

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