Interactive English: Reception

Reading and Listening


on May 27, 2015

In the next class we will practice the skill of predicting. This will help prepare your schemata and provide information with which to check your comprehension. Please read the passage below then in the comments predict what you think will happen in the story.

“Dear ____,

I’m here at my uncle Tommy’s beach house. It’s about nine o’clock at night. I’m upstairs, by myself. I’ve got my pen, my spiral notebook… I don’t know how to start. I don’t even know if I can do this. But I will try. It can’t make anything worse… Outside it’s raining and dark…”


Also, these vocabulary words will be important: to make a prediction, comprehension, the plot of a story, the tone of a story

While you read this week’s reading and questions, you can listen to the song by clicking HERE.


28 responses to “Predicting

  1. Yuka Hattori(T4) says:

    He is going to do something that may cause something bad because he seems to have been thinking whether he can do what he plans for a long time.
    In addition, the bad whather makes me imagine that his plan may fail at the end. Outside, it’s raining and dark.
    I think that the plan was considered deeply before hand because he writes the letter to someone who know what he is going to do.
    Then, I think that it becomes the last letter written to the opponent.

  2. Ichiyo Shimizu says:

    The writer of this letter is a novelist. He or she is a very good at creating stories, but is now having trouble doing this these days, so-called slump. To refresh himself, he went to his uncle’s house sutuated near the beach and is now trying to make some story. At the same time, he is writing to a friend who works also as his editor, in order to inform a friend of what the story is going to be and to express his feelings. This story begins in this letter. The beginning is “Outside it’s raining and dark…” I think this is connecting his depressed feelings so the story may be sad or gloomy.

  3. Emi Tanaka(T4) says:

    Judging from the content of the letter, the weather of raining and a time period of night, I imagine the writer of this letter is involved in a very bad case.
    He is told to perform his mission of carrying money from his uncle’s house to a criminal. And the criminal says if he doesn’t succeed in it, his uncle is killed. Now he is about to try to report to the police secretly. But it is at high risk of being detected by the opponent.
    He writes this letter to notice the case and danger.

  4. reina inoue T4 says:

    He has a big secret and he cannot live with the secret any more. He want to forget it. So he dicided to die to forget it. But he also want someone to know his seacret and find the truth of his secret. He even does not know it. So he wrote to his friends or unknown people and tell his all story.
    I think the man’s uncle had died. Now the man is the owner of his uncle’s beech house. Sohe can use the house freely.

  5. Ayumi Nakahara(T4) says:

    Judging from the last sentence “Outside is raining and dark…”, the main character’s feeling is somber. This is because a lot of writers are going to write stories in consideration of character’s feeling with scene such as weather or condition of creature. This main character commited a crime and went away from his parents because of his feeling of guilt. He decided to write a letter to his parents about his fault. I expect that he will be reclaimed after his confession.

  6. T4 Yuki Yokomizo says:

    Hi. I’m Yuki.
    I think he may be thinking about something bad. He might try to commit suicide because this letter says he’s going to do a thing he doesn’t even know. Also, he is now near the beach, in other words, near the sea. I feel dangerous in this situation. The weather is bad, too… The time is late… Or, not kill himself but he tries to kill someone (his uncle)?, and he might bury the body under the body or throw it in the sea. This letter may be written for himself or his loves. Anyway, I think this is related to “death.” I want to read this continuation as early as possible.
    Thank you.

  7. Minami Shimoura(T4) says:

    It is like an introduction of a novel. I think the writer is going to tell the story about the bad thing he/she has done in the past. The writer is worried whether he can write it to the very end and what the receiver think when the letter reach. This sentence makes me a gloomy impression on me because of the word “raining” and “dark”, so I think as the above-mentioned.

  8. Annie(T4) says:

    Hi, Matt! I’m Annie in T4.
    According to the passage, I think the protagonist of the story may be on holiday at his uncle’s beach house. During the holiday, he accidentally discovered a horrible secret of his uncle. At first, he was terrified and at a loss what to do, but then plucked up the courage to tell someone else about it.
    The description of the weather indicates that something bad is coming—-his uncle went into his room and found out what he was doing. Then he was left alone in the house, waiting for a rescue which may never came…
    This is only my prediction. I’m looking forward to reading the real version of the story.
    Thank you.

  9. Keishu Joi (T4) says:

    I think the writer of the letter was going to write about his own secret story.
    He had experienced hard situation, such as divortion of his parents, or fights with his cruel boss.
    But at the time, he felt comfortable and had himself write about his life.

    Thank you.

  10. Rika Morofuji(T4) says:

    I think something bad will happen in the story according to “Outside it’s raining and dark “.
    On that day, he spent boring holiday because of the rain. Suddenly, he decided to make his secret clear. And this thing made his relationships with friends or people around him mass and he faces some difficulty.

  11. Chikako Tsuge(T4) says:

    I guess the words night, raining, dark are metaphor of something bad. Also, he or she is worrying about what he/she is going to do from now, saying “It can’t make anything worse.” He has got pen and spiral notebook, so I think he will try to write something, but it’ll turn into bad thing.

  12. Rio Sato(T4) says:

    According to those sentences, I think that it is an introduction of the author ‘s diary. He have a habit of keeping a diary, and he would do it as usually. However in the day, he experienced a very bad thing, so he have a problem in writing it.
    Judging from “Dear___” , I think the writer would like to finish writing the diary and send it to his close friend.

  13. Yu Kobashi(T4) says:

    I think this story is very dark.His uncle has already died and he lives in a house alone .He is in a very bad situation. He doesn’t know what to do to solve a problem and stop this bad situation.And he cannot find out what is the meaning of his life..
    Then he decided to write a letter to his family and friend to say goodbye because he wants to die.

  14. Aiko Narasaki (T4) says:

    The story looks like a mystery.
    I think he is in trouble, and it was caused by his secret or a lie. Or, he has done some crime and is staggered.
    If he killed someone in the story, the victim might be his girlfriend or his family. (It must be his father if the story was written by a Russian auther.)

    • Aiko Narasaki (T4) says:

      Sorry for posting again. I made a mistake.
      (I was trying to correct errors in spelling.)

      I think the letter can be his will.
      He might completely lost hope in his life, future and past.
      He can be a musician or a painter.

      I hope the story has a happy ending.

  15. Atsushi Igarashi(T4) says:

    The writer can try many things with his pen and notebook, because it’s 9, when we can work on sometning for 3 or more hours till we go to bed. Rain in the novel often means the mood is likely to be bad. So the writer may not find the suitable answer and have a diificult time. He may be forced to stay up all night.

  16. Takuto Kase(T4) says:

    I think that the writer is going to do something bad because he says “It can’t make anything worse.” and he is trying to do something at night.
    In addition, I think that the ending of the story will be bad because I think that the bad weather implies that.

  17. Xiuzhong Niu says:

    I think it is a girl that left this message .She wishes her friend,maybe her BF, will find it and read it to understand her feelings and situation.
    This girl is framed by someone or her family because she is a heritor of a big property and she has to escape from her home.She did not have enough time even to tell her BF .She has to escape by herself .
    Then she chose her uncles beach house as a temporary refugee ,writing this message and she will give it to her BF secretly ,hoping he will know the truth and help her.
    After writing this ,the girl will leave there and go abroad ,waiting his reply.

  18. Ayaka Kishino(T4) says:

    I guess that the writer of the letter will write something, which makes the situation worse.It is because the tone of the story is dark because of the description about outside and bad things usually follow when a character take it so easy.

  19. Nishibori Hibiki(T4) says:

    Judging from the expressions such as “Outside it’s raining and dark…”, I think that the author had making mistakes or had some problems so he was depressed.
    He may write down his bad things in his spiral notebook with his pen in order to relax and sort out all his feelings. And he may want someone to know about his experience and write a letter.

  20. Akari Yamada(T4) says:

    He said “I don’t even know if I can do this” so I think he will plan to kill his opponent. Father more the weather is getting bad so something bad will happen.
    Seemingly he writes a letter to someone but I think he keeps a diary. By doing so he want to eradicate his feelings of uncertainty.
    The end of the story

    • Akari Yamada(T4) says:

      I’m sorry, last sentence was mistake.
      In the end of the story, he could kill the opponent but he can’t help thinking about what he did. It’s a common story but maybe he commit suicide!

  21. keisuke koyama (Chankei) says:

    Judging from what he/she thought, he is likely to run away from uncle’s, who grew up him/her.
    In terms of his/her hesitation, I guessed he/she don’t actually want to do so. But he possibly feel to be independent of his or her uncle, so he decided to run away.
    Thinking of the latter part of this sentences : “But I will try. It can’t make anything worse… Outside it’s raining and dark…”, he or she tries to encourage himself/herself to leave uncle’s,but living his/her life alone seems to be very challenging.

  22. Mika Osada(T4) says:

    He is run after by woman who hates him. In order to hide from her, he got out from his house and came here; his uncle Tommy’s beach house. Tommy is a president of travel agency and has seviral villas. The beach house is one of them. Tommy keeps the place where the beach house is built secret for everyone except his relative.
    The man is about to write something. Maybe he is writing a letter for Tommy. He wants his uncle not to tell anyone the place where he is if the beautiful woman asks.

  23. Natsumi Mizumura (T4) says:

    I think this story is a kind of mystery. According to the sentence “Outside it’s raining and dark…”, I feel awful feeling. It predicts he will experience bad situation. And I think this writer maybe conceal something and works like a spy job. Because he has got his pen and notebook, he need something to write.
    Thank you.

  24. Ling(T4) says:

    Obviously this article is a letter to someone else.And the writer is very sad and hopeless.He want to do something and before he do it he write this letter.Maybe it’s about his uncle Tommy,and He will make a challenge.From the words we can see that the situation when he write the letter is bad,and he will do something to break up the bad situation.Although he don’t know if he do it how the thing will be,he want to try it himself.

  25. Miki Kashiwa says:

    The writer of this letter has a dream to be a novelist.And the person who will receive this letter may be the only person who knows the writer’s dream.
    The writer tries to write his or her first novel because the writer has a hard time of writing.
    The whether indicates the writer’s anxiety and his or her dream will not be able to come true.

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