Interactive English: Reception

Reading and Listening

Achievement Check 1

on May 12, 2015



On May 19th we have our first Achievement Check. The word “paprika” will be important for the listening and the word “Twitter” will be important for the reading. Think about these words and in the comments please share what you think we might listen to and read about.


25 responses to “Achievement Check 1

  1. Takuto Kase(T4) says:

    Hi, Matt.
    Judging from the words, “paprika” and “twitter”, my guesses are as follows:
    Paprika:I think that I might listen to a lecture about paprika from a nutritional point of view. That is, “paprikas are good for your health!” or “According to this experiment, ○×△ in paprikas is good for nutrition…” or something like that.
    Twitter:I think that I might read an essay about SNS from a political point of view. These days, SNS plays an important role not only in informal situations but formal, public situations. So, this essay might tell me how public organizations or figures use SNS effectively.

  2. Emi Tanaka(T4) says:

    I imagine that we will listen to when people raised paprikas and where is the origin of it. Also, I want to know the system of changing colors and the difference between paprika and sweet pepper.
    As for the second topic “Twitter”, we will read about the influence of it. Today, we can use this tool in every aspect. For example, when a big earthquake struck the eastern part of Japan in 2011, people confirmed the safety of their friends or family with Twitter. Another media such as television, radio and newspaper are more likely to rely on Twitter because it can receive directly the voice of the citizens. Now, the use of Twitter is not limited to communicating each other.

  3. Rika Morofuji(T4) says:

    About paprika, I guess we will hear the origin or history of it .For example, how paprika was introduced to Japan or other countries? Who did that?When?
    As for Twitter, I think we will read the text about its good and bad points or what people do in Twitter these days.
    Actually ,I have never used Twitter, and I don’t like paprika.But I will do my best!

  4. Annie(T4) says:

    Hi, Matt! I’m Annie in T4.
    According to the word “paprika”, I think we’ll listen to a new scientific discovery about this condiment. Perhaps it has some special effects on our body. Such as anticancer effect, anti-aging effect and so on. By the way, when I searched this word on the Internet, I found it is also the name of a famous brand. I wonder if this listening is about the condiment paprika or the brand paprika.
    As for reading, I think it will be an introduction of the online social networking service—-Twitter. Something like its history, founder, development and popularity. In fact, I don’t know much about Twitter, as the Chinese government has banned us from using it. I really hope I can learn more about it through this article.
    That’s all, thank you.

  5. T4 Yuki Yokomizo says:

    Hi, Matt! I’m Yuki. Last week, achievement test practice was difficult for me. I’m nervous a little next class.
    Anyway, judging from the word, paprika, I think we might listen to the story about its effect for us.
    Green peppers are often eaten by a lot of people, but red or yellow paprika are not. However, actually they might be better for our health than green peppers. I heard that paprikas contain some nutritions more.
    And, about Twitter, I don’ t use Twitter,so I don’t know it very well. But, maybe we might read the story about its good and bad respects. It is true that it is convenient for us to be able to communicate with friends or unknown people easily, but we come to receive information too much, so unless we deal with it carefully, we might be involved in some crime.
    However, this opinion is common, so probably what we’ll read is another different story from what I said here. For example, the moving story about by Twitter two people happened to meet again after a long time’s silence, and so on. Anyway I think it is a story regarding human connection.
    Until next class, I’ll think about a little more.
    Thank you.

  6. Yuka Hattori(T4) says:

    I think we are going to listen to a story about the difference between paprika and green pepper.
    I think so because I sometimes think about that problem when I see green pepper are sold being separated from paprika in a supermarket. Is the green pepper a different kind of vegetable from paprika? I can barely think there are particular differences between them except color and taste. Paprika has a variety of color like red,yellow and orange but green pepper is green only. Paprika tastes sweet compared with green pepper.

    I think we might read about good points and bad points about Twitter.
    Many people are using Twitter as a convenient tool to express their ideas, gather information or communicate with each other. However,there are not only good points but also bad points.
    For example, I have heard that there some people who are always tweeting. They spend too much time on tweeting to bring problems to other activities.
    However, many people spend so much time on tweeting because Twitter is a fascinating tool to many people. There must be reasons.

    I’m looking forward to the next class. Thank you.

  7. reina inoue T4 says:

    When I heard the word “paprika”, I thought I do not like this food… It taste little bit strange, I think. I guess few people like to eat paprika. So I think we will listen about how to eat paprika deliciously!! I want to know that and I want to eat deliciouse paprika dish!
    I do twitter. But I only see my friends’ tweets. I’ve never tweeted… because once I start to tweet, I can not stop it. I will adicted to twitter… I guess we will read about bad point and good point of twitter. This content will useful to everyone!

  8. Rio Sato(T4) says:

    Judging from the word ” paprika “, I think that we might listen about the difference between paprika and other vegetables. For example nutritive value is higher in the paprika than a green pepper.
    And judging from the word ” Twitter “, I wonder we might read about its good point and bad point. I use twitter because it is very useful to share my experiences and my friend’s experiences. However some people think that it is dangerous because it can infringe a right of privacy easily.

  9. Chikako Tsuge(T4) says:

    I think we will listen to a speech, how paprika is good for our health. I don’t know whether other people like it or not, but I think some of children don’t like it or hate it, so the listening will be a speech which explains how paprika is healthy, and urge us to eat it.
    The reading will be, I think, how people addicted to Twitter. I don’t use Twitter actually, but most of my friends use it and some are addicted to it. One of my friends said, she had to stop using it for studying, but she couldn’t. I think there are many people like her, and this might be the topic, I guess.

  10. Ayumi Nakahara(T4) says:

    Judging from the word “paprika”, I think we will hear about the history of paprika, and how to cook it all over the world today. Each country or region have their peculiar culture, so the way of cooking maybe different between countries or regions. I am interested in differences of cultures, so I want to hear the content like that.

    I started to use Twitter two months ago, because it is very useful tool to communicate with friends. Moreover, it is easy for us to write about our daily lives on Twitter than in diary. This is why many people are using it now. However, there is an harmful aspect. It is easy for us to hurt someone’s feeling or reveal our personal information on Twitter. Therefore, I think we will read the text about the strong points and weak points of Twitter.

  11. Akari Yamada T4) says:

    I think we will listen how to get children who don’t like “paprika” to like it. I heard that most of child don’t like paprika because it taste bitter. I don’t like paprika too so I wish this listening will be helpful for me to like it!!

    As for “Twitter”, I think we will read an article about how useful it is. Twitter gives us a good opportunity to get in touch with the others and we can get many information from it. However, the issues arouse these days. Many people are addicted by not only Twitter but also SNS like LINE, Facebook, instagram and so forth. So I think we will read about the dangerous of SNS like Twitter and how to cope with the dangerous of it.

  12. Hibiki Nishibori(T4) says:

    When I was seeing a paprika at a supermarket, I came up with what we will listen to in the next class; A paprika has three colors, yellow, red and orange. According to color of it, it has different nutrients. Or a paprika and a bell pepper are the same vegetables. The difference of them is a paprika have not been raped. When it rapes, it is called a bell pepper.
    In reading part, we will read about advantages and disadvantages of Twitter. We can get a lot of information from it and contact our friends. However I often hear that users have troubles on Twitter. For example, one people upload the photos which is taken with his friends without permission of them. Before we use SNS such as Twitter or Facebook, we should know how to use correctly.

  13. Minami Shimoura(T4) says:

    I think that we will listen to a speech about how to cultivate a “paprika”. In this speech, he/she explains about procedure from seeding to harvesting and cautions to cultivate a good paprika.
    Judging from the word “Twitter”, I think the text we will read is about how to utilize it wisely. These days, the number of troubles on the online social networking service is increasing so we consider the way of using it.
    Looking forward to your class.

  14. Miki Kashiwa says:

    Actually,I ate paprika yesterday at a Malaysian restaurant. It was delicious! However,I don’t think paprika came from Malaysia.
    I think we will listen to the origin of paprika.

    That’s because I don’t use Twitter, tomorrow’s achievement check will be difficult for me…
    I think we will hear the influence of Twitter. I hope I can get fascinating information about Twitter tomorrow.

  15. Atsushi Igarashi (T4) says:

    Paprika looks like green pepper, but they are quite different veritables. So we might listen about the differences between appearance and content.
    Twitter is very useful because we can immediately catch the latest information and have contact with people in the world. We might read about the convenience of SNS.

  16. Ichiyo Shimizu says:

    For the word paprika, I think we will listen to something that discribes amazing power of paprika. For example, when we eat paprikas, our ability of protection against some kind of desease is developed. Also, we will hear how to cook paprikas in order to take the their benefits effectively. For example, we should boil them rather than bake to avoid breaking their good ingredients or we should eat them with meat rather than fish. And for the word twitter, we’ll read a text telling good and bad points about twitter. Because I don’t use twitter, I have no idea what is their good and bad points, but there are several merits and demerits, I think.

  17. Keishu Joi (T4) says:

    Hi, Matt!

    I predict that “paprilka” in the listening play an important role as a main character. I mean the listening will be the Paprika’s Story!
    From the stage of a seed to the stage we eat, the listening will teach us about paprikas at length.
    Furthermore, we will be able to understand how healty paprikas are. I already know that paprikas improve our immune system, so we are not likely to become sick if we eat enogh paprikas.

    And “Twitter” is the one of SNS, you know. In recent years, Twitter has been a controvertial issue in young people, because of its power of addiction. They are often obsessed by Twitter and do not communicate face to face with people.
    So I think the reading will deal with the problem of Twitter.

  18. Aiko Narasaki (T4) says:

    Good evening.

    I thought the themes are very interesting.
    The word “paprica” reminds me of some red seasoning powder. I wonder why it is used as spice, so I referred to a dictionary. There was not so much description, but I think we will hear about cultural history of meat. Maybe the story is about Age of Great Navigations.

    About the word “twitter”, I think we will read about the economic effects of it. In Japan, many young people get information about food, fashion etc. and I wander how people in other countries.

    Now, I’m going bed.

  19. niu xiu zhong says:

    I feel a little nervous about tomorrow ‘s achievement check.Cuz according to the key words,it may be interesting but difficult.
    I think the listening material may tell us the origin of paprika and the difference between it and the pepper.Sounds tasty.
    And,from the point of my view,the reading article will tell us a story about Twitter,including when it was founded and the influence it gave to our society.

  20. Mika Osada says:

    Hi, Matt.
    When I was in elementary school, I refused eating paprika and green pepper because I thought that they must have tasted bad thinking from their color and shape. I believed that two vegetables were different in their colors but not in tastes because they are alike in shape.
    Now, I can eat both and I think paprika is sweeter than green pepper. I am interested in the history of paprika and green pepper. Are they the same kind of vegetables? Do they have the same nutrition or not?
    I have a Twitter account but I rarely use it because I do not know how to use it efficiently. I hear that many people use Twitter as the tool of information collecting. However, when I try to do that, I get confused that there are too much information. I do not know which information is credit. I would like to read about the way of using Twitter efficiently.
    I will do my best in achievement check! Thank you.

  21. Natsumi Mizumura (T4) says:

    I always leave a comment lately, so I’m so sorry.
    Anyway, judging from the word “paprika”, I think we will listen about its history or origins. For example, how or when it was imported to Japan. I can eat paprika but it is not willing to eat. So, I want to know how to eat paprika deliciously.
    Also about Twitter, I think we will listen about how often we use Twitter. I use Twitter since I was a junior high school student, now it is necessary for me to communicate with my friends. So, I want to what opinion about SNS, especially about Twitter other people have.
    Next class,we will have a test,so I feel a little nervous.
    But,I’m looking forward to see you. Thank you.

  22. Ayaka Kishino(T4) says:

    I guess that we will listen to the recipe which uses paprikas as main ingredients,and read about the opinion on the usage of Twitter because ,in these days, the immoral behaviors by Twitter users has been the serious social problem.

    At first, when I checked your blog one week ago,I was disappointed to know the two keywords of our first achievement check because I have never used Twitter and I don’t like paprikas so much. Now I think,however,it’s the chance to know more about these two unfamiliar things
    for me and I would like to do my best with interest!

  23. Keisuke Koyama (Chankei) says:

    Judging from these words, we will listen to the interesting story about paprika, like “What is difference between paprika and green pepper?” or “Why there are many kind of paprika?” or something like that.
    And next, we will learn about how twitter influences out there. Actually, I don’t use twitter, but it has been definitely important tool!

  24. Kenji Hasegawa(T4) says:

    Paprika is a kind of vegetable, exactly the same in the picture you uploaded in this blog this time. Paprika is little bit unfamiliar to me and I rarely make food with the green meat but I really love paprika chicken, Hungarian food cooked by boiling or stewing. So we may listen to an article about the way to good use of paprika and about the benefit to our health from having paprika.
    As you know twitter is the most famous web service we can communicate to share our feeling, statement, information with friends. We will read a article about serious problem deriving from using too much of it. Some students can’t study enough because of addiction to twitter and some people upload unmoral
    behavior illegal act
    to twitter without really thinking anything about it. It depends on how you use it to generate enough profit from twitter.

    Thank you.
    Kenji HASEGAWA(T4)

  25. Ling(T4) says:

    Sorry,matt.Maybe I didn’t do it before.Although I thought I did it./(ㄒoㄒ)//(ㄒoㄒ)//(ㄒoㄒ)//(ㄒoㄒ)/

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