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Reading: Movie and Restaurant Reviews

on December 10, 2014

five_starsOn December 16th we will be practicing reading movie/restaurant reviews. For homework, please read one of the short movie reviews HERE and in the comments, answer ONE of the following questions:

1. What was challenging about the reading?

2. What difficult/interesting vocabulary did you find in the reading? Could you guess the meaning?

3. Did you notice anything about the style of writing?

Also, these vocabulary words will be important: “style-over-substance”, novelty, the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis


24 responses to “Reading: Movie and Restaurant Reviews

  1. Natsuko Nishida says:

    I choose the question 2. I read the review of FURY. I do not know the word, visceal. The word appears in the sentence ,” Intence, visceal and unpredicatable.” This sentence teaches how content the film is. So, “visceal” also teach how content the film is. For a action move, “Intence” and “unpredicarable” is good. Maybe, “visceal” means somthing positive ,too.

  2. Hiroshi Yoshida(T4) says:

    I choose question 1.
    My first challenge was choice what article to read. I tried to find the movie I’ ever seen. But I rarely went to see the movie so I couldn’t find familiar one for me. So I chose at random.
    Second was the vocabulary. In the sentence, many unfamiliar adverbs were used. I needed dictionary in my left hand. I usually ignore the word whose meanings I don’t know. But in this case, I don’t know the story and the background of this movie so I have to imagine the story by understanding all words in the sentence, especially adverbs. I think adverts are the most suitable words to convey the atmosphere of the story.

  3. Tao Ichino says:

    I answer question 3.
    I read the review of HEAVEN IS FOR REAL.
    For me, writers don’t use many verbs in their reviews. Instead, they seem to like using prepositions and the subjects in their review are very long (for me).
    Additionally, sentence structures are easier than that of newspapers.
    It may be because that reviewers have to write reviews in short space, so they have to cram information into such a short space as much and easy as possible, so that everyone can read them easily and quickly.
    Of course, I’m Japanese. So it is likely this style is usual for English people…

  4. Mika Yamamori (T4) says:

    I chose the question 3.
    I read the review of GONE GIRL.
    The review excited my interest because the writer did not tell us the summary of the movie. I think the reason he did not tell it is that he thought we would be able to enjoy the movie better by doing so. But the writer praises the movie, and he also writes about the cast. I think this style of writing can make people want to watch it.
    Actually, I would like to watch this movie to make sure of what the writer said in the review.

  5. Miho Hashimoto (T4) says:

    I answer the question 3.
    I think the special point of this kind of readings is the style of sentences. I read the review of Heaven is For Real. The sentences are like the writer is talking to readers. For example, the sentences begins with “Yeah, well..”. That expression have readers read more about the movie. This review has basic information about the movie in a short texts, but it doesn’t mention the core of the story. People would wonder what will happen next. So this style of texts has a great effects of moving people’s mind.

  6. Mayu Morimoto (T4) says:

    I will answer question No.1: What was challenging about the reading?
    I read a review written for “Runner Runner”. It was really hard for me to understand what the writer would like to say, because the review had some terms of gamble. I am not accustomed to gamble of course, so I could not undestand these terms well. Also, the writer’s unofficial writing troubled me a lot. Since I usually read an official documents such as English textbook, I had some difficulty with dealing such type of writing.

  7. Emi Enomoto says:

    I chose the question No.2. I read the review of Alive Inside. I found many difficult words; comatose dementia, stunning, perks up, repetitious, cloying, fundraising. I think the first two words, comatose dementia is a name of disease which makes us forget everything and stops us thinking. Stunning might mean amazing, unexpected, something like that. Perks up might mean getting up, wake up, notice… Repetitious might be like result. Cloying is really difficult to guess, I think it would be a positive word.

  8. Minami Iwakiri(T4) says:

    I will answer the question 1.
    I chose the review of FURY, but there are so many words I have never heard that I had great difficulty in reading. I dislike proper noun (in this case there are names of other movies, tanks and characters) and words written with alphabet except English. They always prevent me from reading and understanding sentences smoothly.

  9. Ryohei Kamiya (T4) says:

    I choose the question 3.
    Reading the introductions of the movies, I felt that the beginnings of some of the passages are different from what I saw in English till now. For example, these sentences start from spoken words or words such as “Perhaps”. These examples are, for me, not familiar to me. I think this is because the writers want readers to read the introduction carefully. You can say these are types of rhetoric. When readers read these sentences, they might focus on unfamiliar beginning.

  10. Akira Katagata(T4) says:

    I choose question,2.
    I read the review of HEAVEN IS FOR REAL. I could’nt understand the meaning of the word ”evangenical”. This word is used in the sentence ”evangenical cristian family” I think this sentence means that this family is pious cristian. In this story,the boy in this family strongly believes the existance of a heaven. This is a part of reason why I guess ”evangenical” means pious.

  11. Nanami Ozaki (T4) says:

    I will answer question 2.
    I chose the review of romance movie “LOVE,ROSIE.” In the review, I don’t know the meaning of “drippy.” The review says “A drippy, unrealistic romantic comedy.” From the word “unrealistic” and “comedy”, I think this movie is not serious instead everyone can laugh by watching this movie. So I guess the meaning of “drippy” is something like “nonsense” or “ridiculous”, maybe.

  12. Wataru Yamamura(T4) says:

    I will answer the Q.1.
    I read the review “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”.
    First, I was faced lots of words I don’t know its meaning.
    Second, I didn’t watch any series of this movie, therefore it was difficult to understand synopsis.
    It’s easier for people who have ever seen same series of this movie.
    In addition to these features, there were parts which explanations are omitted because this review are short.This was also challenging for me.

  13. Suzuki Kana(T4) says:

    I will answer the question 3.
    When I read the movie review of FURY, I found that a style of word is used; words using some hyphens. Such style is not seen often in textbooks but it appears as many as two times in the short review, just about 200 words. I think such style enables review writers to discribe contents of movies shortly but fully.

  14. Shizuka Abe (T4) says:

    I choose the question 2.
    I read the riview of “ALIVE INSIDE.”
    I found some words that I don’t know the meaning of it. I found more than 3, but I choose 2 words.
    First word is ” stunning.” This word written in the text, “The result is stunning. He immediately … and starts singing.” The words from ” immediately” and “starts singing” which I have positive image, I think ” stunning” means like ” surprisingly” with positive image. Second is “perk up” used in “perk up and start singing.” I can’t guess exactly, but “perk up” and “starts singing” connected with “and”, so I think both these word have positive image because one of the word have positive image. I sometime apply this way to guess the words.

  15. Akane Okumura says:

    I choose question 2. I read the review of “Kami no Tsuki” and I found the word “embezzling” .
    I have never seen this word so it was interesting for me. I guess this word is about money because some words related to money, for example “bank” or “millions of yen” are around this word. I think this word means withdraw.

  16. Chinatsu Fukunaga(T4) says:

    I choose the question 2.
    I read a review of the action movie “SAVAGED.” It has many difficult words that I don’t know but I pick up the word “brutalize.”
    I guess that this word means something terrible and aggressive. Because the title is savage and the picture show a violence sene. And the subject of this verb is murderous gang. So I think brutalize means bad thing.

  17. Tanaka Kotaro(T4) says:

    I choose Q1.
    My first challenge was deciding which title I watch. Because this reviews were written in English, I want to read that I have ever watched. Actually I found “FUKU FUKU SO NO FUKUCHAN”, I have ever watched movie.
    I know about story of this so I could guess almost all words, but I think it was difficult for foreigner to understand the content. I think this passages are written for foreigner. If the setting is strange for culture of reader, this kinds of passage may become difficult.

  18. Wataru Kaneto (T4) says:

    I thought about question 3.
    In the movie review I read, there’re words for some kinds of emotion. A movie review need to interest its readers and tell them the outline. Also, to express characters’ subtle emotions is essential. So I found a lot of words whose meaning I don’t know.

  19. Ayano sato (T4) says:

    I ‘ll choose no.3.
    I read a review of “heaven is for real.”
    This review starts with speaking words like “Yeah” and “well.” It tells rough story but never mention the end of the movie. The last of this review there is question. I think these expressions bring interest to the movie.
    I think movie review tends to be emotional, and it isn’t writen clearly in order to makes people who read want to watch the movie.

  20. Kentaro Ando says:

    I choose question2.
    I found an interesting expression. That is “well-adjusted evangelical Christian”.
    Well-adjustted, I think, is a little worldly word. Because it means “altered to accommodate to certain requirements or bring into a proper relation” Accommodate is not religious word.
    However, evangelical is explicitly religious word. From this point of view, I feel this expression is a little strange and interesting.

  21. Tamako(T4) says:

    I choose question 1.
    I read the review of “Heaven is For Real”. I was surprized by the phrase ‘so is hell, and it’s sitting through faith-based movies. ‘ What is it like that sitting through the movie is hell?
    I also think the comment ‘Literally preaching to the literally converted.’ is challenging.
    And there are many comments within(),I think it is a more subjective comment tha others.

  22. Shota Nihi says:

    I choose the review of “GONE GIRL” , and I answer the second question.
    I try to guess “high-level pulp”. These words are in headline of the review, and it seems the main concept of this movie. I think it means “very scared” or “very cruel”.
    This movie is the mysterious story and there are lots of secrets. So “pulp” seems to be something cruel.

  23. Shintaro Murakami(T4) says:

    I noticed that the reviewer doesn’t make full sentences. Some sentences are composed of only nouns. They produce the reality to omit some words.
    Japanese review writer also use that way.

  24. Ayaka Sakuma(T4) says:

    I choose the question 1.
    I read the review of Gone Girl, because I have seen commercials of this movie many times on TV and I’m interested in. However, I cannot understand some parts of the review. Each sentences are so long that I cannot recognize what the noun is.

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