Interactive English: Reception

Reading and Listening

Achievement Check 1

on November 6, 2014

For the achievement check next week, you will have one listening component and one reading component. Look at both of the questions below and answer one of them in the comments.

1. The listening component is named “Music and the Mind”. What do you expect to hear? Is there anything you can share with us about music and/or our minds?

2. The reading component is an opinion article from a British magazine covering the topic of globalization. What do you expect to read about? Is there anything you can share with us about different opinions on globalization?


21 responses to “Achievement Check 1

  1. Shota Nihi says:

    I choose the first question.
    I think we will hear the connection with music and our minds. When we are tired, hearing the music is one of the ways to get fine. That makes us forget the real life. Our minds are cheered up by music. Music is like the medicine for minds.

  2. Tamako(T4) says:

    I chose the question 1. It is in some part maybe related to the theme of previous ‘reading & questions’, where we read about the relationship between music and success.
    As is often said, music has good effects to man’s mind and body, It is said that listening to Mozart improves your productivity while studying. Or many CDs titled ‘healing’ are sold in many places. Music is also used for actually healing mental illness in medical field. So I think we will hear about some possible effects of music for our minds.

  3. Minami Iwakiri(T4) says:

    I will mention the first question.
    In my opinion, we might hear what influences are expected on our minds depending on different kinds of music: rock, pops, classical music and so on. I have seen the CDs whose titles are “relaxing music” or “inspiring songs”. So the listening component this time might have something to do with that.

  4. Mika Yamamori (T4) says:

    I chose the first question.
    I think music has the power to change our minds and thinking. For example, in case you have a negative personality, it can be changed by music that has positive rhythm and the words. Then, you can be positive and enthusiastic about any job and you can enjoy your life. Moreover, even if you are in a jam, you will never give up and keep on trying to make things successful because such music encourages you. So, I think we will listen to one’s successful story led by music.

  5. Tao Ichino says:

    I answer the latter question.
    The article we will read is maybe a criticism of globalization.
    Indeed, we are given the fruit of globalization.
    For example, thanks to globalization, we have got rich, and can buy a lot of goods from variable countries, easily go abroad.
    So we tend to think that globalization makes the world much better and continues to expand.
    But we must not forget globalization has the other side.
    There are people who are suffering from poverty, hunger, sickness for our prosperity.
    Writers write opinions to get us aware of things we haven’t ever know.
    So I think the article is about a criticism of globalization.

  6. Wataru Kaneto (T4) says:

    We will read an article about the advantages and disadvantages of globalization, and what to do under the circumstances.
    Globalization has made the world borderless, and now got to be taken for granted as the common way the world goes. Thanks to it, we can more easily see different cultures, get oversea products and gain more information from the whole world. Meanwhile, we have to share problems on a global scale.
    It’s time to find how the world uses the advantages and faces up to the other side. The article will give us an opportunity to think about it.

  7. Natsuko Nishida says:

    I answer the question 1.
    We maybe listen to the text that says Music has power that heal our mind. My father likes to listen to classical music and he always say that next day will be a good day after listening to classical music. When I was a chidren ,I did not understand what he meant, but now I can understand. When I do not want to study or do something, I listen to music that gives me motivation. When I feel sadness ,I listen to music that comforts me.

  8. Miho Hashimoto (T4) says:

    I answer the question 2.
    I guess we will read about the present situation of the world. Globalization enabled us to get commodity and informations of other countries, so our lives became convinient.
    However, globalization also means the uniform world and loss of each country’s identity.
    Just imitating others isn’t the true meaning of globalization. The most important thing is how we preserve our own culture and to hand down them.

  9. Chinatsu Fukunaga(T4) says:

    I think we’ll hear about how music makes our mind changed. I have heard that “we might think slow music makes performances of people slow and fast music makes them fast. But actually people who hear fast music are in a hurry and while people who hear slow music are so comfortable and the efficiency is better.” Music may have other wonderful power.

  10. Hiroshi Yoshida(T4) says:

    I choose question 2.
    I think we will read about cultural melting. Globalization enable us to transport humans and goods more easily. It also means that the borders between the country and the country are getting weaker and weaker. Two culture which are completely different can be mixed. I heard from my British friend that British people usually eat Indian carrie rice. And also I learned in some class in TUFS that nowadays Brazilian people eat Lebanese food as thier own food. These cases were happened by globalization in the past. Today’s globalization will also make some changes in the world.

  11. Nanami Ozaki (T4) says:

    I chose the question 1.
    I expect that we will listen to about the influence that music gives in our minds. I heard and experienced by myself that we can have feelings of happy or sad by listening to music. So when I have a sad feeling, I often listen to music which have rhythmical melody and cheerful lyrics. Music has great power, I think.

  12. Ryohei Kamiya (T4) says:

    I choose the question 1.
    I think spoken words are easier to understand or accept if they sound like music. For example, adhan, the sound to encourage people to go to mosque, sounds like music. It is in Arabic but so difficult that even Arabic speaking people cannot understand. But they and muslim people speaking other languages, for example, Turkish and Persian, accept adhan as routine. I think this is because adhan sounds like music and becomes easier to accept.

  13. Shintaro Murakami(T4) says:

    I answer the question1.
    I’ve heard that you use the same part of your brain when you feel the joy and when you are listening to music. So you can make your mind happy by listening to music. I think we will hear about the relationship between music and the mind.

  14. Shizuka(T4) says:

    I choose the question 1.
    Some kind of music make us feel relax or happy. Moreover, I heard that tune made by Mozart increase studying efficiency. Then, I think music and our mind have strong connection, and we’ll hear about how music affect our mind.

  15. KOTARO TANAKA(T4) says:

    I choose the Q1.
    I heard that when we exercise, we should not listen misic because music make efficiency of training worse. So I think music may influence human’s mind too much.
    Then I think in this listening component, we will learn how to use music efficectively.If we could control and use music better, we could do better, I think.

  16. Wataru Yamamura(T4) says:

    I choose the question No.1.
    I think we will read about the benefit of listening music.
    Music activates our mind and helps the function of secretion.
    Actually, most of the professional sports player listen to music before the game or during the training because they are able to boost their power of concentration and do their best by listeng to music.
    In my opinion, our mind and music are closely related.

  17. Mayu Morimoto(T4) says:

    I will answer the first question.
    I think we will read about how music relates to our mind. I often hear that listening to music is a good way to relax your mind. Also, it is said that classical music, for example music written by Mozart, make us feel better and clever. Considered from these rumor, probably, music somehow influence our mind. I do not know if it is true, but I also believe there is something important between music and the mind.
    I’m looking forward to listen the article because I may be able to know what have an important role between music and the mind.

  18. Akane Okumura says:

    I choose question 1.
    I think we will listen about how music makes effects to our minds. In CD shops, we can see many CDs that are effective to heal us. When we listen powerful songs, our motivations are raised. For example, in an athletic meeting, musics are playing while studens are running. I think frequency of sound affects our brains and our minds are moved.

  19. Ayano sato (T4) says:

    I choose no.1.
    I guess we will learn about how music influence to our mind. We listen to music to change our feeling. For example, sometimes we listen to classical music in order to concentrate on study or job. Sometimes we listen to pop music to feel fun. I think we will learn the best way to use music in our dairy life.

  20. Kentaro Ando says:

    I choose question 2. I think we will hear about the effects of listening to the music. If we listen to the song of slow tempo, we become sad, I think. Beforehand, I heard that heavy metal has effect to people who listen to the heavy metal, according to scientific research. I am looking forward to listening this.

  21. Akira Katagata(T4) says:

    I chose No,1.
    I think this listening may say that music has a strong influence in our mind. Music sometimes cheer us up, on the other hand, it sometimes make us sad.

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