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Reading: Take a Nap to Get Ahead at Work

on October 28, 2014

Naps boost work performance and improve health.

In the next class we will practice our reading skills in order to prepare for the Achievement Check on November 11th. We will read a magazine article from a magazine called Bloomberg Businessweek and the article’s title is “Take a Nap to Get Ahead at Work”.

These vocabulary words will be important: to take a nap, productivity, cognitive performance.

In the comments, please make a prediction about what we are going to read about.

*REMEMBER: reading and questions are due on 11/11*


23 responses to “Reading: Take a Nap to Get Ahead at Work

  1. Hiroshi Yoshida(T4) says:

    We would read about how good to take a nap before working or studying. I’ve heard many times that taking a nap makes our performance better than not. When I was third-year-student in high school, I did it after lunchtime, that helped me very much to concentrate in afternoon classes. As I ever read, there would be the database which compares people’s performance who take a nap and don’t take a nap in the article.

  2. Suzuki Kana(T4) says:

    We will read about a way to work effectively. Our brains may get active and we can concentrate more on working by sleeping for a short time before working, but it may be important that sleep for a ‘short’ time. If we sleep deeply, it takes much time to wake our brains up.
    And from the important vocabulary words, I guess that taking a nap especially improves one’s cognitive performance.

  3. Wataru Kaneto (T4) says:

    We’re likely to read about the good points of taking a nap and how to do that.
    When I was in high school, a biology teacher said “we’re supposed to get sleepy after eating for digestion, so we had better take a nap instead of working.”
    I also read that they have a short sleep called siesta in Spain, Italy and Latin-American countries.
    I strongly hope the custom will be introduced into Japan!

  4. Shota Nihi(T4) says:

    I think that magazine is written for people who is working very hard. And I predict that we will read the article about the importance of taking a rest. Taking a nap is one of the ways to work your brain effectively and it means we can succeed in the work. In fact, I have heard that some high schools introduce to take a nap between classes. It seems that it is new way to help people do something.

  5. Chinatsu Fukunaga(T4) says:

    In the article, I think it is written that we have to take a nap while you work. For example, after eating and when you feel sleepiness. We could do active work and not feel tiring by taking a nap. In Italy people take a sleep (it is called siesta) everyday, I heard. As this, we might read the importance of sleeping for work.

  6. Miho Hashimoto (T4) says:

    I guess we will read about relation of sleeping and working effectively.
    Many of business people lack of sleeping hours. So they can’t concentrate on their works in the daytime. By taking a nap, we can solve this problem. We can switch our feelings by sleeping for few minutes. It connects with better efficiency of work. Some people think sleeping in working times is rude, but Ithink this is the easiest way to make better performance of laborers and keep them healthy.

  7. Wataru Yamamura(T4) says:

    I think the article we will read in the next lesson is about usefulness of taking a nap during working.
    In my opinion, to take a nap is a better way to raise productivity than to continue working for a log time.
    A brief sleep may reflesh your brain and body.

  8. Mika Yamamori (T4) says:

    I think this article will tell us that even though taking a nap is sometimes considered to be a lazy action, it is so important because taking a nap for proper minutes enables us to do things more effectively and productively.
    Also, it is so famous that we should take a nap for about 15 minutes when we are sleepy because it helps us to think clearly.
    So, I think this article is about the importance of taking a nap.

  9. Ayano sato (T4) says:

    I guess we will learn about how important a nap is to get a good result at work. I have heard that our brains become more active after taking short sleep. I also heard that warking without taking a nap is not efficient.
    I think in this article there are study results about short sleep during work and the best way of taking a nap in order to get ahead our working.

  10. Ryohei Kamiya (T4) says:

    I think that the importance of taking naps between studying or working are closed up in the magazine. In our daily lives, we sometimes want to take a nap when, for example, we are very tired, class is very boring or after eating lunch. However, we have to study or work when we are at school or office. it’s inefficient to continue working when you are sleepy. Taking a nap is important for your efficient work. I guess that such things are insisted in the magazine.

  11. Natsuko Nishida(T4) says:

    The article maybe say that sleep is very very important for our brains. When I sleep for very short time , I cannot think something complex. So, everyday I go to bed as soon as I can. Even last year when I had to study a lot to enter TUFS , I absolutely slept for 6 hours. And,I also slept after eating lunch at desk. Thanks to a few sleep , I felt better afternoon. At work, we should have a little sleep to spend meaningful afternoon , too.

  12. Tamako(T4) says:

    I read some article about a similar theme of this before. There, in the article I read, are some new ideas for good sleep. The author suggested that we don’t necessarily need a ‘8 hours sleep’, which is considered good publicly. Rather, we can have more flexible sleeping time suited for our own condition: taking a nap in the daytime, for example. The author argued how it was effective in improving working productivity when nap time was introduced to some companies like Google. After reading this, I thought it a very good idea to take a nap in order to gain productivity.
    So I predict we will read about similar ideas in the article“Take a Nap to Get Ahead at Work”. I, myself also have a feeling that taking a nap really works when I am too tired to study or don’t feel like doing anything. It refreshes my mind and I can start up something very effectively.

  13. Mayu Morimoto (T4) says:

    I think we will read about how effective taking a nap is. I have heard taking a nap during a long work or study is a good way to improve your task.
    For me, taking a nap is really important too. When I studied for entrance exams, I took a short nap when I felt sleepy. This was a effective way to wake up my head and motivated me to face hard studying-life.
    Considering from these facs, I think the magagine will tell me the importance of taking a nap.

  14. Kentaro Ando says:

    I think we are going to read about the effect of a nap. Generally, it is said that taking a nap is good for us. In fact, my teacher told me that taking a nap improved our brains. Therefore, I think we will hear about the effect of a nap.

  15. Akira Katagata(T4) says:

    I guess that this article reccomends us to take a nap during working because a short sleep make our brain work better.
    When I was a high school student, I studied hard every day for an entrance exam. Naturally, I sometimes felt sleepy when I studied. In that situation, I tried to take a 15 minutes nap. After taking a short nap, I felt that my brain became sharp.
    I look forward to readind this article.

  16. Akane Okumura says:

    I think we will read about taking a nap is good. When we do some boring or dislike things, we often feel sleepy. But how those things are boring, we must complete them. I have heard that taking a nap for fifteen minutes makes our brains clear,so if we want to do something with productivity, it is good to take a nap.

  17. Tao Ichino says:

    Take a Nap to Get Ahead at Work may be a key for humankind who can’t sleep at night because of his work.
    Of course, it should not be allowed to take a nap at work. But sleepy people often cause a lot of failures and their grades are poor.
    Today, people have many things to do , which don’t allow them to sleep until the end of a day. So it is clear that people have to stay up late and get sleepy the next day. Really, there is a large number of people who want to sleep. It may degrade productivity of companies.
    From my experience, a nap for about 20 minutes make your brain clear. It enables you to work well. It must do good for you and your companies.
    I think this is “Take a Nap to Get Ahead at Work.”

  18. Shizuka Abe (T4) says:

    I sometimes heard that take a 10 to 15 minutes nap is very good for our brain. After taking a nap, our brain will refresh and ease fatigue. Then, I think that this article will write about how taking a nap increase working efficiency and tell the best way to take a nap.

  19. Ayaka Sakuma(T4) says:

    We would read about the effect of taking a nap for studying. I have heard that sleeping is good for studying because it helps us memorize efficiently, so I think taking a nap is also good. The article will tell us how to take a nap in order to make our studying better.

  20. Minami Iwakiri(T4) says:

    I have heard or read that taking a 15-20 minutes’ nap is very effective when it comes to the activities which should use our heads: working or studying. While sleeping, information our brains gain is arranged, and we feel refreshed when we wake up. So I think this article may have something to do with this.

  21. Tanaka Kotaro(T4) says:

    I have heard that student who takes a nap can more concentrate on classeswhen he doesn’t do that. So taking a nap may be too good thing, and we would learn how to take good nap on this lecture.

  22. Nanami Ozaki (T4) says:

    I think we would read about advices to us about introducing to company have an afternoon nap time.
    When people are sleepy, we can’t concent rate on anything. So, if company would introduce nap time, it is very effective , I think.

  23. Emi Enomoto says:

    I think we will read advices to work productively. Taking a nap, takin a rest makes us awake and we can do our job more. In my case, I often take a nap while I’m studying. It’s very good way, because after getting up, I can do the work more smothly.

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