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Longer Listenings

on June 4, 2014

In the next class we will listen to an episode of the podcast called Budacast. It is a podcast made by an American man living in Budapest, Hungary. Check out the wikitravel website for Hungary HERE and in the comments tell us something interesting you find.

Also, these words will be important: a podcast, Budapest, Hungary, an eggplant


27 responses to “Longer Listenings

  1. Hiroshi Yoshida(T4) says:

    I found two interesting things.
    First one is the climate. The temperature vary from -20°C to 39°C through the year. There is unexpected rainfall due to the continental climate of the country, heavy storms even happen.
    And also, each seasons have unique conditions. We can enjoy all weather of the earth just in Hungary.
    Second is the cuisine. I’ve never heard the Hungarian food. According to the web page, it tastes spicy, for using special paprika (not hot by general standard), so it is kind for people who don’t like hot taste. I want to try some.

  2. Akira Katagata(T4) says:

    I was interested in Hungary weather. The fact that temperatures in Hungary vary from -20°C to 39°C through the year was surprised me. This is because before reading the wikitravel, I thought that almost all europian countries are cool through a year.
    I’m looking forward to getting new information about Hungary in the next class!

  3. Mayu Morimoto (T4) says:

    I was surprised to know that Hungary in general is a safe country, and has some of the harshest penalties if people are involved in a car accident. I heard that European security is not so good, so I was interested in reading the article which said Hungary had a lower intentional homiside rate than other European countries.
    An old tradition sounds interesting too. The tradition is that Hungarians do not clink beer glasses. And this is because Austrians celebrated the execution of the 13 Hungarian Martyrs by clinking their beer glasses, so Hungarians vowed not to clink with beer for 150 years. I think this kind of old traditions should be came down. I would like to know such relationships between customs and history in the next lesson.

  4. Mika Yamamori (T4) says:

    I found that Hungary had a lot of places to visit and pictures I found on wikitravel site were so beautiful and historical. Actually, wikitravel says that Hungary is one of the 15 most popular tourist destinations in the world, and despite its relatively small size, the country is home to numerous World Heritage Sites.
    Moreover, I found that shoes should generally be taken off when entering a home in Hungary. I was surprised at this custom because I thought such custom was rare in the world although Japanese have the custom.
    I also found many Hungarian words on wikitravel site. Wikitravel says that Hungarians are proud of their unique, complex, sophisticated, richly expressive language. Since I came to be interested in Hungary by learning it on wikitravel site this time, I would like to study Hungarian although it is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn.
    I’m looking forward to the next class!

  5. Tamako(T4) says:

    I found the language Hangarian interesting. According to this article, it is not at all related to any of its neighbours: the Slavic, Germanic, and Romance languages belonging to the Indo-European language family. Although it may have some similarities to other languages more or less, the uniqueness the people are proud of is worth searching into. I’m eager to know what the Hangarian language is like.

  6. Natsuko Nishida says:

    The web page tells us that Hungarian food are usually spicy and it’s tasty rather than healthy―many dishes are prepares with lard or deep-fried. And they like Lángos , it is basically deep fried bread. I think it may be similar to “Agepan ” , it is fried bread with kinako . I like Agepan but often think it is oily. Probably Hungarian like oily food. However, there are a lot of vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Budapest. They can eat out easily in Budapest . I think it is interesting that Hungarian like oily food but there plenty restaurants for vegetarian.

  7. Chinatsu Fukunaga(T4) says:

    I have not known that Hungary is a country in Central Europe, and this country has many places for sightseeing.
    In addition, it is surprising that Hungary is one of the 15 most popular tourist destinations in the world, and is safe.
    I think Hungary is not famous for Japanese but this country is very wonderful.

  8. Ryohei Kamiya (T4) says:

    Historical perceptions of Hungarian people is impressive for me. When I was in high school, I studied the Treaty of Trianon and the 1956 Revolution in the class of world history. Mentioning these topics can be taboo in Hungary. Communism and Nazi are also disliked in Hungary, and openly displaying them is a crime. In every country there is good and bad history, and different countries have different approachs and perceptions. I realized that we have to consider the historical backgrounds when we travel abroad.
    By the way, Hungary gives me an impression that Hungary is a very beautiful country. I imagine that Danube in Budapest is very beautiful. I want to visit Hungary and Danube.

  9. Miho Hashimoto(T4) says:

    I was interested in the education of Hungary. In Hungary fees for going school are lower than other Europian countries, and there are many student from all over the world. Before I see this web site, I haven’t had an image of studying in Hungary. Although I noticed that this country is very suitable for studying, because we can stay there safely.
    Also Hungary is fascinating for sightseeing. We can enjoy it’s natural scenery and many old buildings. I want to visit the churches and castles if I trip to there.
    Anyway, Hungary attracts us both it’s educations and tourists.

  10. Wataru Yamamura (T4) says:

    In this article, the topic about Hungarian language is intersting to me.Hungarian is classified into the Uralic language family and it is related to Finnish and Estonian.(but it is not mutually intelligible…)It seems to be one of the most difficult languafe to learn because of comlicated grammar and pronunciation.
    In Hungary, English education in school is compulsory, so the youth are good at English.From the geographic view, German is important language,too.On the other hand,Russian has negative image because Hungary is suffered from Russian terrible rule in Communist era.Such compex conditon is really impotant when we discuss about Hungary,I think.

  11. Risako Ohata says:

    I found some interesting things.
    First, I was surprised to know Hungary is one of the 15 most popular tourist destinations in the world, with a capital regarded as one of the most beautiful in the word. I tend to imagine that popular tourist destinations are London, Paris, L.A, Rome, Isatanbul and so on, so I knew Budapest is such a beautiful city for the first time. I want to visit there someday.
    Second, I was interested in the climate as many people say. Especially, it suprised me that tempuratures in Hungary vary from -20℃ to 39℃ through the year.
    I was also interested in what to buy when we visit Hungary. I could not imagine what is famous in the country by only hearing the country’s name. I knew that Cold smoked sausage and wines were famous.
    I thought Hungary was a good place to visit for us beyond my imagination !

  12. Shota Nihi says:

    I didn’t know that Hungary is such a safe country and has a lot of famous sites.I haven’t been to abroad yet,so I thought Japan was the most comfortable country to live in becouse of climates,safety,food and so on.But I found something new about Hungary.According to the website,Hungary has less crimes and is the safe country relatively.Also,the climate of this country is so stable.And,Hungary has a lot of sightseeings(church,nature,castle,and etc.).I want to visit there and spend some time.

  13. Tao Ichino T4 says:

    I love eating, so I’m interested in what people of Hungary eat.
    The fact that Hungarian foods are tasty rather than healthy is very interesting.
    And recently, I have a few chance to eat meat.
    Thus the sentence “Hungarians love meat” makes me miss miss meat…
    Anyway the article make me want to go to Hungary!

  14. Kentaro Ando says:

    I am interested in a custom that shoes should generally be taken off when entering a home. Generally, people in European countries and America enter their houses with their shoes on. Therefore, I wonder why Hungary doesn’t have European custom and people in Hungary take off shoes in their houses as the Japanese do.

  15. Akane Okumura says:

    I found it interesting that Hangarians are proud of their unique, complex, sofisticated, richly expressive language. In the article, it is said that just one of many profound grammatical differences from most Europian languages is that Hangarian does not have, nor need to have the verb “to have” in the sense of posession. Actually, Turkish also doesn’t have the verb “to have”, so this is the point I was interested in most.

  16. Nanami Ozaki (T4) says:

    I am interested in their language, Hungarian. The website says ” Hungarians are rightly proud of their unique, complex, sophisticated, richly expressive language, Hungarian.” I’ve never heard of Hungarian and don’t know anything about it, so I would like to hear it.

  17. Shizuka Abe(T4) says:

    I was surprised when I know that Hungary is one of the 15 most populat turist destinatins in the world. Hungary is not familiar country with Japanese. Maybe many aaaajapanese don’t know about good point of Hungary well. However, a picture of night view of Budapest was beautiful, and there are many historical places in Hungary. Then, I am interested in HUngary.

  18. Wataru Kaneto(T4) says:

    I found interesting things about the language in the article.
    Hungarian is unique, complex, and very different from English. Thus it is not unusual that an English speaker visiting Hungary understands nothing at all from written or spoken Hungarian, and you can find fun in “Buying train tickets on-line in Hungarian”: “You can purchase domestic and some international train tickets on the web, but only in Hungarian. It will certainly be a nightmare if you don’t speak the language.” Anyway, that language is too difficult for us to have command of, but now I got interested in it all the more for its difficulty!

  19. Emi Enomoto(T4) says:

    The most interesting thing I have found on the page is the Hangarian language. It is quite different from English, but I think it has several same points as Turkish, which I learn now. For example, when you understand the pronunciation completely, you can read almost all Hangarian words. Also they don’t have gender in the language. I’m really interested in the similarity of these languages. Also, I was surprised that Hangary is one of 15 most popular tourist distinations, and it has so many hotsprings. I would like to visit there.

  20. chihiro uchiyama says:

    I found the fact that Hungary is a member of the Schengen Agreement interesting. As said on the website, between the countries who have signed and implemented this treaty, there are no border controls. By this treaty, more and more people flow into the country and more money would move around. The economy will be dynamized and I think it will be a win-win for each of those countries. Japan is an island so it is hard for us to imagine the usefulness of this treaty, but if we have a similar kind of treaty with the other Asian countries such as Korea and China, not only will the economy activate but by people communicating, I think it will make us easier to understand each other and maybe make a good path in solving international problems.

  21. Suzuki Kana(T4) says:

    I am interested in tourist destinations. According to the website, Hungary has several World Heritage sites, and all of them fascinated me. Especially, I was moved by the Buda Castle because the picture of it on the website is very very beautiful. I want to see the landscape directly someday.

  22. Minami Iwakiri(T4) says:

    The wikitravel said as follows: Hungary is an excellent destination for birdwatching (aka birding) holiday. There are wooded hills, vast fish-pond systems and grasslands, the puszta.
    These sentences were interesting for me because I have never heard of a country which particularly featured such an activity.

  23. Tanaka Kotaro(T4) says:

    I think Hungary is similar to Japan in safety aspact because the wikitravel says that “you can expect to find safe food and water, good safety and a generally stable political climate”. I have not known that Hungary is such a safe country.
    And also I think that Hungary’s national flag is very similar to Italy’s one. In the next class I want to know the reason,if possible.

  24. Ayaka Sakuma(T4) says:

    What I learned from the website is that Hungary is one of the 15 most popular tourist destinations in the world, with a capital regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world. The country is not so large, but there are a lot of interesting places to visit. Moreover, we can enjoy safe food and water, which makes visitors happy. I think these factors help to increase the number of people who want to go to Hungary, so I’m interested in the famous places and the delicious dishes in Hungary.

  25. Watanabe Akihiro (T4) says:

    I’m surprised that there are many word heritages in Hungary despite its small territory, and I want to visit them in the future.

  26. Ayano sato (T4) says:

    In Hungary, we can hear English and German. Hungary is surrounded by some countries in which German is spoken. I think it is interesting. This webpage says, Hungary has some histrian places like castles and beautiful scapes. I’d like to see those.

  27. Shintaro Murakami(T4) says:

    In America you pay tips to the clarks and in Japan we don’t pay extra service charge.

    But in Hungary extra service charge is included in their payment and so you have to check it is valid price or not.

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