Interactive English: Reception

Reading and Listening

Achievement Check 2

on February 3, 2014


For the achievement check on February 4th, you will have one listening component and one reading component. Look at both of the questions below and answer one of them in the comments.

1. The listening component is about vexillology. Look up that word and then tell us what you think we will hear about.

2. The reading component is an opinion article from a newspaper covering the topic of punctuation on the Internet. What do you expect to read about?


13 responses to “Achievement Check 2

  1. Kurumi Takeuchi (T4) says:

    1. I think we will hear about what kind of meanings the flags of some country has. We might hear about the relation between the patterns of a flag and the history or culture of a country.

  2. Fumina Watanabe (T4) says:

    1. I think we will hear about the history of some flags. Also, I think we will hear what they are symbolizing, and when they are used. I think we can hear about flags in different countries.

  3. Ai Inoue(T4) says:

    2. It might say about the incorrect usage of punctuation marks on the Internet (Twitter, Facebook and other SNS), and how the writer thinks the performance of young people nowadays of writing is declining. I don’t think it’s going to be an optimistic article.

  4. Maiko Imai (T4) says:

    1.When I was reading a book about cultures of middle age euorpe, it said that “heraldry” was popular and it seems to be close to “vexillology”. So we might hear about middle age europe culture.

  5. T4 Kaori Kubo says:

    2. I think we might read about the kinds of grammatical norms existing in the world of the internet; for example, abbreviations, facial expressions, etc. I’m guessing the opinion is going to be a negative one concerned about the decline in level of literacy because of the usage of such punctuation.

  6. Natsumi Maruyama (T4) says:

    1. I think we will hear about history of flag, what flags represent. Also, I want to hear about similarity between the flags of totally different countries, for example, Japan and Bangladesh.

  7. Moeko Ota(T4) says:

    2 I think we will hear about many grammatical mistakes people make on the internet. There are many grammatical mistakes that we don’t recognize as a mistake, and the reading will mainly be about criticizing how young people are not being aware of their wrong use of the punctuations.

  8. Kyoko Nomura(T4) says:

    2.I think we will hear about the ways people write on the internet. I think the author would suggest that nowadays peolple are not following the punctuation when they write things on the internet.

  9. Ryuji Furukido(T4) says:

    1.Vexillology means a field of study that covers all about flags. I think we will hear a story that tells us what is the vexillology and the history of that study.

  10. Arisa Kurihara(t4) says:

    Vexillology is the study of flags or the collecting of flags or banners. I think we might hear the meanings or the message behing the national flags or hear about someone who collects tons of banners as a hobby.

  11. 1. We are going to learn the meaning of the country’s flag. One country has its special meaning in their country, so we can be aware of what one country wants to be like

  12. Eri Fukui (T4) says:

    2. I expect to read about punctuation and how it is ignored in chats etc. on the internet.

  13. Hiroko Takabatake (T4) says:

    1. I think we will be hearing some historical stories and facts about flags. I personally want to know about what the colors of flags represent.

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