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Reading: Movie and Restaurant Reviews / Applications

on December 30, 2013

five_starsOn January 14th we will be practicing reading movie/restaurant reviews as well as an application for a working-holiday visa. For homework, please read one of the short movie reviews HERE and in the comments, answer ONE of the following questions:

1. What was challenging about the reading?

2. What difficult/interesting vocabulary did you find in the reading? Could you guess the meaning?

3. Did you notice anything about the style of writing?


14 responses to “Reading: Movie and Restaurant Reviews / Applications

  1. T4 Kaori Kubo says:

    3. I noticed that the writer consciously tried to maintain an objective and constructive tone. While adding personal opinions such as “not only did I like…”, the majority of the review was focusing on the plot of the story.

  2. Kurumi Takeuchi (T4) says:

    3. It was interesting that the writer wrote both quite normal introductions and his/hers impressions in one short text.

  3. Fumina Watanabe (T4) says:

    3. I noticed that the sentences are written rhythmically. I think the writer wanted to make it catchy and interesting, to make the reader want to watch the film.

  4. Ayane Kawahara(T4) says:

    3. The sentences sound more like a spoken language, and it’s not very formal. Maybe it’s only the some I read, but they seem to be critical all the time.

  5. Ai Inoue(T4) says:

    1. It was pretty hard for me to understand what the article was trying to say since it was written in spoken language. Lots of words and names that I don’t know turned up which made the task even more difficult.

  6. Moeko Ota(T4) says:

    1. I thought it was difficult to understand what the article is trying to say if the reader doesn’t have some sort of background information, especially if the movie is series movies

  7. Natsumi Maruyama (T4) says:

    3. I usually don’t read reviews in English. So before I read this, I thought that reviews include the writer’s opinion. But it was more like giving the information about the movie or actors. And also, the style of writing was casual so I felt that I don’t have to read this. So I just skimmed through.

  8. Ryuji Furukido(T4) says:

    1. I found them hard to read as the articles are written in colloquial way. There are lots of words I don’t use or hear usually. And I thought they are a little bit difficult if you don’t watch a movie frequently.

  9. Maiko Imai (T4) says:

    1. For me the reviews were quite hard to understand.For example in the article of Blanca nieves
    I couldn`t get if the writer was saying it was good or bad.

  10. Kyoko Nomura(T4) says:

    3. The review included a lot of background information about the movie. I expected more personal comments, like I love this movie or I hate this movie, but it was rather a introduction of the movie.

  11. Yuto Takahashi (T4) says:

    3.I read about a movie featuring the backing vocals of famous musicians. I suppose that the readers would be people who already know the plot, and so the reviewer only stated about what readers want to know. (e.g. Who did the backing vocals of who?)

  12. Miki Hosoda(T4) says:

    3.I realized that the writer seldom said his or her opinion about the films. It was mainly facts about the movies.

  13. Eri Fukui (T4) says:

    3. I read three reviews and all of them focused on writing a brief summary of the story, in a neutral mood. Adding to that, it had the writer’s opinion mixed in the review, some of them with a little bit of sarcasm.

  14. Hong soon hyuk T4 says:

    3. This article is easy to read in that the arthur only wrote what is importantance of the movie. There are no sentences showing the arthur’s writing skills so it was easy to understand

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