Interactive English: Reception

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Listening: “Hands on a Hard Body”

on December 13, 2013

hands on a truck

In the next class we will practice our listening skills focusing on using context to guess hard-to-hear words and phrases. We will listen to excerpts from a documentary called Hands on a Hard Body about a contest held every year by a Nissan dealership in Longview, Texas. Twenty-four people stand around a $15,000 hard body pickup truck. When the starting whistle blows, each person puts one hand on the truck. They wear gloves, so as not to mess up the paint job. And they stand there … and stand there … until one by one, people get tired and drop away, and one person is left standing. That person gets to keep the truck. We hear an interview with Benny Perkins, who won the truck one year ago and came back to try to win again. He says a contest like this is not easy money. You slowly go crazy from sleep deprivation.

Choose ONE of the questions below and answer it in the comments.

1. Predict what you think Benny Perkins will tell us about the contest.

2. What kind of person do you think enters and wins a contest like this?

3. What might be some of the difficulties with this listening?


14 responses to “Listening: “Hands on a Hard Body”

  1. Yuto Takahashi (T4) says:

    1. I think he will tell us about the reason why he became victorious last year, what he thinks about or does not think about when he is in the contest and what he did with the truck he won last year.

  2. Kurumi Takeuchi (T4) says:

    1. I think that he will tell us about how he got over strong sleepiness, Also, what kind of temper is needed to win such a contest.

  3. Fumina Watanabe (T4) says:

    3. I think the difficulties with this listening is that Benny Perkins is very shy that he talks very quietly and fast. I think those things make the interview hard to hear.

  4. Maiko Imai (T4) says:

    2. I think most of the people enter this contest from curiosity or fun. It`ll be something to talk about and if your lucky you can win The person who wins must be a really patient and has a tough body to not sleep.

  5. T4 Kaori Kubo says:

    1. This being such a unique and unheard of contest, he will give us a general explanation. He might also talk about what motivated to participate in such a contest and what makes him want to do so again. He might tell us what the difficulties are and how he overcame them.

  6. Natsumi Maruyama (T4) says:

    2. I don’t think all the people who enter the contest want or need a track. And also, I don’t think contest like this needs special skills. It just needs temper. So they just want to win and feel victory.

  7. Ayane Kawahara(T4) says:

    3. Since this is a interview and doesn’t have a written script for the interviewee like a speech does, so the sentences might not be clear. Also, since this is about a contest held in Texas, the dialects could make it harder for us to understand what is being said.

  8. Ryuji Furukido(T4) says:

    3, I think there is a difficulty in listening to this story because it sounds strange. We use our prediction when listening to comprehend what is going on, but with this unfamiliar story, I think our prediction doesn’t work.

  9. 3. Since this listening is about car, people who do not know much about cars have a difficulty to understand the listening. There must be words that have something to do with cars, like a name of car

  10. Kyoko Nomura(T4) says:

    2. I think people who want to win a car and have confidence on their strength join the contest. those who wins the contest is a person who could endure the sleepy time wins the contest. So, I think it is not the person who really want to have a car nor who who is strong but the person who can control their drowsiness.

  11. Miki Hosoda(T4) says:

    2.People who want money or the truck enter the contest. Person who has perseverence and is good at waking up for really long time is likely to win the contest like this one. Also, I think a person who is trying to win for not him or herself but for someone else,for example, their family or friends, has a good chance of winning.

  12. Moeko Ota(T4) says:

    1.I think he will tell us about what he have done to become the winner last year, and why he came back to the battle again this year. Also, what made him participate in this contest in the first place.

  13. Eri Fukui (T4) says:

    2. I presume that someone who loves taking on challenges, especially crazy ones, and who has confidence would enter this kind of contest.

  14. Hiroko Takabatake (T4) says:

    3. The difficulty would be he’s dialect, since he is from Texas. When we listen to the dialect we usually use our prediction to interpret, but if the speech were to be held on the topic that we hardly know or have no interest in then our predicting will be difficult.

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