Interactive English: Reception

Reading and Listening

Types of Questions

on July 5, 2013


The next lesson will be about asking different kinds of questions regarding listening and reading texts. We will be practicing with a reading from Tina Seelig, a professor at Stanford University. Please watch at least six or seven minutes of her presentation HERE. In our class blog comments, tell us about something interesting she says.


10 responses to “Types of Questions

  1. hiroko takabatake t4 says:

    “The way you ask questions, determines the answer”. These words were very interesting for me because they mean that by developing the way you question, you get more creative answers and therefore your imagination is more likely to grow. I was surprised by the fact that if you ask questions in unusual way, you get lots of different answers than when asking originl and normal questions.

  2. Eri Fukui (T4) says:

    The phrase ‘The way you ask the question determines the types of answers you get. The question you ask is the frame in which the answers would fall’ interested me very much. This statement is quite obvious when you think about it, yet I realised this through Ms. Tina Seelig’s speech. I learnt that it is important to think about how to ask a question because you might not get the answer you are looking for for there may be alternative answers.

  3. Fumina Watanabe (T4) says:

    I thought what she said about the habitat was interesting. She told us how people become less creative, by showing pictures of classrooms and office. After that she showed some creative rooms, and I thought it was interesting that innovation, creativity and playfulness are valued in some companies.

  4. Maiko Imai T4 says:

    I found this speech very interesting because she put Imagination-Knowledge-Attitude-Culture-Resources-Habitat all in one circle.After been explained it seems almost normal to put these in one ,but it was new for me.Also she said that you can start anywhere from this circle to get an innovation.I think this is a really psitive thing and encourages you to come up with a new great idea!

  5. T4 Kaori Kubo says:

    I’ve read part of Tina Seelig’s book “What I wish I knew when I was 20” before, and I understood that she has a running theme: changing the way we approach problems, questions, and issues. Looking at a question from different perspectives opens that many more doors of possibilities and solutions. When we encounter a problem, it is important to think outside of the box. This will enable us to utilize our creativity and come up with effective solutions that are left undiscovered otherwise.

  6. T4 yuto says:

    It was interesting that she focused on how to create a creative human being. Rather than asking questions with obvious, single anwers, asking a question that holds infinite answers could grow one’s imagination.
    I believe imagination is the most important factor of making a creative human being because creativity is the ability to think outside the box at always.

  7. Natsumi Maruyama (T4) says:

    It was interesting that she focused on jokes to be creative. And she showed some Japanese instruments which are stupid but creative. I think she wanted to tell us that always think outside the box.

  8. Ryuji Furukido(T4) says:

    I was surprised that there is a person who studies creativity like her. I’m interested in there are many facts that produce creativity. She said the way you ask a question determines the type of answers you get and that is really interesting.

  9. Moeko Ota(T4) says:

    I thought her speech was very interesting!
    I especially liked the part where she said “The way you ask the question determines the types of answers you get.” I totaly agreed with her and thought that how we ask a question can change the variety of answers we get.

  10. Kurumi Takeuchi (T4) says:

    One of the most powerful way to learn thigs is to pay attention. When we don’t pay enough attention around us, we may miss the solution which might be in front of us.

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