Interactive English: Reception

Reading and Listening

Longer listenings: Budacast

on June 12, 2013

In the next class we will listen to an episode of the podcast called Budacast. Check out the website HERE and in the comments tell us something interesting you find.

While you read The Curious Incident pages 178-220, please keep a record of the characters and write the answers to the following questions in your journal.

Please keep a record of the characters and write the answers to the following questions in your journal.

1. When he gets scared or upset, what does Christopher usually do?

2. Why does he like timetables?

3. What do you think the policeman means when he says, “no monkey business”?

4. According to Christopher, what causes life?

5. How did he figure out how to buy a ticket for the underground?

6. Predict what you think might happen in the next 20 pages.


11 responses to “Longer listenings: Budacast

  1. Kaori Kubo (T4) says:

    I thought it was interesting that the Budacast focuses on unique stories gathered throughout Hungary. Topics vary greatly – from marathon runners to food to business related issues. Budcast seems to be Hungary’s online radio show.

  2. Moeko Ota(T4) says:

    I thought Budacast introduces variety of interesting stories from Hungary, the one I thought the most interesting is the story of 5 remedies to how to get over the cold winter in Hungary, .

  3. Fumina Watanabe (T4) says:

    Budacast is Hungary’s first weekly English-language online radio show, and this website shows various information from Hungary. There are many interesting information, such as a recipe of a Hungarian food.

  4. Kyoko Nomura(T4) says:

    Budacast is Hungary’s English-language, online radio show. It tells us about interesting people, Hungarian food and places to visit …etc.

  5. Eri Fukui (T4) says:

    I liked how in Budacast Uncle Drew introduces many things about Hungary such as arts and culture, food, drinks, and so on in a very unique and humorous way.

  6. Natsumi Maruyama (T4) says:

    Budacast is a website that introduces many kinds of news in Hungary. My favorite
    ariticle was about Hungarian food. I’ve never tried Hungarian food before, but that seemed nice.

  7. Ayane Kawahara (T4) says:

    I thought it was interesting that autumns and winters are dreary in Central Europe, including Hungary. I didn’t thin the winter there would be “grey and dark and damp and really depressing”.

  8. Ai Inoue(T4) says:

    I noticed that there were only 2 news articles written so far this year and it’s already June. It’s a shame since the website picks up interesting topics, such as hungarian menus, marathon runners and tourist guides.

  9. Kurumi Takeuchi (T4) says:

    Budacast intoduces all kinds of intormation of Hungary. I thought it is very interesting because I know just few things about Hungary. The Hungarian goulash looks really great. I was surprised that the onions are the key to thicker the sauce.

  10. Maiko Imai T4 says:

    Budacast shows various topics in Hungary.Since I don`t know much about Hungary the site is interesting.They used English so I thought that the aim of Budacast was to introduce Hungary to the world.

  11. T4 yuto says:

    I found an article about Hungarian food, and it made me really hungry!
    And I’m supriesed that I focuses on various topics, not just things that might attract tourists.

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