Interactive English: Reception

Reading and Listening


on May 29, 2013

In the next class we will practice the skill of predicting. This will help prepare your schemata and provide information with which to check your comprehension. Please read the passage below then in the comments predict what you think will happen in the story.

Dear ____,

I’m here at my uncle Tommy’s beach house. It’s about nine o’clock at night. I’m upstairs, by myself. I’ve got my pen, my spiral notebook… I don’t know how to start. I don’t even know if I can do this. But I will try. It can’t make anything worse… Outside it’s raining and dark…

While you read The Curious Incident pages 132-155, please keep a record of the characters and write the answers to the following questions in your journal.

1. What important information do we find out about Christopher’s mother?

2. Why did his father lie to him about his mother?

3. In chapter 163, what do we learn about how Christopher thinks?

4. Who killed Wellington? Why?

5. Predict what will happen in the next 20 pages.


12 responses to “Predicting

  1. Ai Inoue(T4) says:

    Judging by the tone and the words “It can’t make anything worse”, it’s likely that something bad has happened a few hours ago, and the writer will start describing what he witnessed.

  2. Eri Fukui (T4) says:

    The phrase ‘It can’t make anything worse…’ suggests that there has been something bad going on, and also ‘Outside it’s raining and dark…’ is used metaphorically to give the readers a hint of forebodingness in the air, which in a sense proves that bad things really has been happening, and the writer is going to try and write about it in a letter.

  3. Kyoko Nomura(T4) says:

    The writer will confess something he/she had done. It is probably going to be a bad thing because it says “It can’t make anything worse…” and it gives me an impression that he/she had done something bad. It also says that “I don’t know how to start” and it shows how the writer struggles to write something.

  4. Fumina Watanabe (T4) says:

    Because it says its raining and dark outside, I think he/she is going to do something creepy. I think he/she is a writer, and she was told to write a horror story. However, he/she believes in ghosts and hates to write those scary stories. Maybe he/she is scared that ghosts might appear if he/she will write the story.

  5. Arisa Kurihara(T4) says:

    From the phrases “it can’t make anything worse” and “outside it’s raining and dark”, I’m guessing that the writer is going to write in his notebook about something bad or creepy that has happened to him.

  6. Miki Hosoda (T4) says:

    From the phrases,”It can’t make anything worse…” and “I don’t know how to start”, we can see that he or she is really exhausted and in a miserable condition. I think he or she is going to write about a horrible thing he has done;maybe a crime like a murder.

  7. Natsumi Maruyama (T4) says:

    I think someone who is really important
    for her committed crime. And she doesn’t
    know what to do, so she decided to write about this.

  8. Kurumi Takeuchi (T4) says:

    This passage sounds like the beginning of a mystery or a horror story. I think that the writer did or saw something horrible and is going to write his/her witness.

  9. MaikoImai T4 says:

    I guess that the writer had done something bad and he/she is going to try to hide it.Because from the phrase”it can’t get worse” we can assume that the writer isn’t in a good situation.

  10. Ayane Kawahara(T4) says:

    It seems like something bad is happening,and the writer will be writing everything that happened and as it happens. But I also think that things will happen where the writer will have to stop writing,and make the reader use their imaginations.

  11. T4 yuto says:

    I think the author is going to make a confession to the reader in this letter. I think that the author is uncomfortable to say his confession in person, so he is away at his uncle’s house.

  12. Hong soon hyuk T4 says:

    It seems like the person who wrote this letter knows murder case so that she is going to tell what happened to her to her fathet.

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