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“Fat and Thin” by Anton Chekhov

on April 23, 2013

In the next class (on May 7th) we will listen to and read a short story called “Fat and Thin” by one of the world’s greatest short story writers, Anton Chekhov. In the story, which is set in Russia in 1883, two friends from childhood unexpectedly meet at a train station after many years of not seeing each other. Choose ONE question from below and answer it in the comments.

1. How will the friends react at first?

2. What will they talk about?

3. How do you think they have changed since childhood?

4. What will happen at the end?

5. This is a Russian story from over 130 years ago. What kind of cultural references or old-fashioned terms might we hear?

Also, when you read pages 31-55 of The Curious Incident, please answer all these questions in your journal and don’t forget to keep a list of characters!

1. What does Christopher want to be when he grows up?

2. Why was he surprised his mother died of a heart attack?

3. What is the first clue to the dog’s murder that he finds?

4. Does Christopher believe in heaven?

5. Who is the prime suspect in the murder? Why?

6. What do you think will happen in the next 20 pages?

Also don’t forget to do your Book Review and have a good Golden Week! 🙂


18 responses to ““Fat and Thin” by Anton Chekhov

  1. Kurumi Takeuchi (T4) says:

    2. I think that they will talk about what they did together when they were children and about what has all changed. Also, they may discuss the differences between the future they had imaged as children and their life they are livinng now.

  2. Ai Inoue (T4) says:

    1. When the friends meet each other unexpectedly, they might not realize that it is a friend from a longtime ago, but may notice something familiar about the person.

  3. Satoko Komori (T4) says:

    2. I think that they will talk about their lives after they went on different paths and how they are living now. As the title says, they probably look totally different after all those years, so I think their ways of living are very different and they will compare each other. I also think that many things they don’t talk about, the kind of things that they only express as monologues inside their heads, must be told in the story, which is often way more important than the things that are said out loud.

  4. Arisa Kurihara (T4) says:

    1. They might sit in front of eachother without realising that they are childhood friends but when they begin to talk they might realise something familiar about eachother and gradually find out that they were childhood friends.

  5. maiko imai t4 says:

    Q1From the title i guess that the both of there appearance have changed since there childhood.So they probably won’t realize eachother at first .But one of them might have a unusual habit and the other one realizes.

    • Fumina Watanabe (T4) says:

      Q2 I think they will talk about what they were doing in the past and what they are doing now. I think they will ask each other if they are working or studying at school. I also think they will ask where they are living now.

  6. hong soon-hyuk (T4) says:

    2. I think they will talk about things they have experienced when they were child. After that, they tell eachother about how they live from the past to present!

  7. Miki Hosoda says:

    3. From the title, I guess that the person who was really thin, handsome and had like tons of girl friends back then changed into a really enormous man who doesn’t have any job. On the other hand, the other person who was fat, a math geek, and not so likable to girls back then turned into a very good-looking man who have succeeded in his career. So I don’t think they would recognize each other at first.

  8. Natsumi Maruyama(T4) says:

    2. They will talk about what they did together when they were little also about what happened between them and themselves since the last time they saw each other.

  9. hiroko takabatake t4 says:

    when two friends meet, i dont think they recognize each other at first. Both of them will see each other, but i think they wouldnt start communicating straight away. They will probably think back a little bit and then finally realize that they used to be friends in their childhood

  10. hiroko takabatake t4 says:

    Oh i made a stupid mistake…
    The question i was answering was question number one!! Sorry!

  11. Ayane Kawahara(T4) says:

    1. I think they won’t recognize each other at first, because people quite change from their childhood. But there are things people don’t change much over their lives, such as their way of talking , so those might help them recall their memories of their friends , making them talk, or check if that person is his friend or not.

  12. Eri Fukui (T4) says:

    1. I don’t think the friends would recognise eachother until they actually talk, but one of them would see the other and think ‘he looks kind of familiar..’ and start the conversation.

  13. Ryuji Furukido(T4) says:

    1.When the two people look at each others face they will be surprised and make sure that the person they are facing is the person they think by asking some questions ,then they will ask each other what they have been doing.

  14. Kyoko Nomura(T4) says:

    2. I think they will talk about something happened recently, what they have been doing and how surprised themselves are to see eachother.

  15. Ayaka Kora says:

    They will of course be surprised at first. I think they will have many things to talk about and maybe agree to do something interesting.

  16. T4 yuto says:

    Q1. If I were to meet a childhood friend on the train, I would first suspect if its really him/her. So I think many people wouldn’t be able to talk to them at first.

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