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Free Reading

on June 21, 2012

In the next class you will choose one of the books we have been reviewing and get to start reading it in class. You will read the entire book by July 10th and write a review for it. In the comments, tell us which books you have enjoyed the most so far and why you liked them.

While you read The Curious Incident pages 179-220, please keep a record of the characters and write the answers to the following questions in your journal.

1. When he gets scared or upset, what does Christopher usually do?

2. Why does he like timetables?

3. What do you think the policeman means when he says, “no monkey business”?

4. According to Christopher, what causes life?

5. How did he figure out how to buy a ticket for the underground?

6. Predict what you think might happen in the next 20 pages.

Also, don’t forget to do your book review ;) (If you don’t come to class, leave the book and the review sheet in the box in front of my office, #629)


15 responses to “Free Reading

  1. Shogo Inoue says:

    I liked the last book I read which was Flowers for Algernon. It’s about a man who has IQ of 68 and he is selected to undergo a surgery to increase his intelligence. He does succeed in the surgery and become smart but at the same time his happiness does not increase. The book is a dairy written from the perspective of the main character Charlie Gordon. The Author is very good at making differences in the dairy as the time passes by. We can almost feels as if we were in the main characters shoes. It pains us to read some parts of the book because, it is actually reminding us of the social issues in our real society. I thought it was a very deep book about the relationship between intelligence and happiness.


  2. Kei Inamura says:


    I liked “the Giver” the best. It’s about a society where everything is monitored and harmonious and therefore it seems to be a utopia. However, in that society emotions are suppressed. I thought this society is symbolizing a socialistic one.
    I liked this book because although it’s for children and is written in easy words, the theme is deep, which made me think hard. I though if I had read this book when I was in elementary school this must have been a great shock for me.

  3. Satomi Togari says:

    Sain baina uu?

    My favorite so far was the first one I got, “The Book Thief”.
    The book takes place in the 1930s Germany, and it features a young girl as the protagonist (the book thief), and “death” as the narrator. The atmosphere throughout the book is glum, sombre and bleak, and it sort of reminded me of black-and-white films (ex Schindler’s List).
    I also enjoyed the story because I’d always wanted to know more about the movement of the Nazis in the wartime.
    Once I started reading it I couldn’t stop, but I only managed about two fifths of the book; I wish I had had the fast reading skills to finish it !!

    Bayartai for now!

    • Ayumi Sugaya says:

      I like “Please Look After Mom” the best so far.
      This is a story of one family whose Mother disappeared suddenly. In this story, each member of the family makes their own viewpoint and talk about Mom in turn. As we continue reading, we can know about their mother little by little.
      What I liked was that this book was written in second personform, and because of this, I felt like being a member of the family and I was drawn to the story.
      This book has both elements of mystery and moving.Reading through this book will become a good opportunity for me to think about my family I take it for granted.

  4. Wataru Okubo says:

    I’ll go with “The Hunger Games.” I heard a lot of reputation and it has been on my wish list for a while, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to read it! I haven’t reached half way yet, but I’m enjoying it very much.
    The story is set in a nation called Penam, which is located where the United States used to be. It consists of the Capitol and 12 Districts and a social gap exists between them. Every year, 12 boys and 12 girls between 12 and 18 year old are chosen as tribute from each district and forced to participate in the Hunger Games: a live TV show of a survival game in an isolated arena that lasts until there is only one left.
    I liked the adventurous story and the characters with clear personalities. Contrary to what I expected, I think I can enjoy it from various points of view. It is interesting not only as action-thriller, but also as something makes me think about society, human relationships(I guess it won’t be a simple story of heroes and villains), extreme shows(like the Truman Show and Gladiator) and so on.
    May the odds be ever in your favour!

  5. Takumi Nakanishi says:

    I’d like to read “Flowers for Algernon” or “Never Let Me Go”.
    To put it simply, I like the sad atmospheres enveloping the whole pages.
    In the former novel, I like the irony of the fact that his improvement in intelligence afflicts himself unlike his expectation and a sense of inability he feels when he learns about all his effort ends in futility. On the ohter hand, in the latter novel, I’m impressed with the irritation and sadness I felt when I learned about the truth of the children at Hailsham.
    Personally speaking, I prefer Flowers for Algernon because it is easy for me to read and the same time I’m strongly interested in Kazuo Ishiguro because a teacher who taught me English at high school recommended his novels very often. I can’t conclude which novel I want to read the most now, so I’ll decide by the time the next class.

    • Takumi Nakanishi says:

      I made a few mistakes.
      L8: and the same time ⇒ and at the same time
      L11: by the time ⇒ by

      • Masato Kurosawa says:

        I love “Never Let Me Go” tooooooo! That’s one of my favorites:)

  6. Masato Kurosawa says:


    Honestly speaking, I didn’t find a book I want to read among my reviewed books, because I’m a very biased reader;P However, I have to choose. So, I will choose a book about TV.( I forgot its title!) This book say that TV is not good for us to live a good life. I like the most of the ideas of this book, because I hate watching TV programs. I always feel getting to be fool whenever watching them.


  7. saya says:

    I liked ‘the Giver’ and a book I can’t remember the title which is about a boy who is going to work for a famous biologist.
    Two of them are kind of unrealistic story but what they tell is something important in real life, I guess.(I read only half of these books so I don’t know the ending at all, though…)
    I liked the thrilling feelings and mysteries which reamains till the ending.
    In the book ‘Giver’, I would like to find out why his name was not called.
    In the other one, I want to know how the biologist is dangerous.


  8. Akira Nemoto says:

    I loved “Flowers for Algernon”. It almost made me cry!!! I watched the movie version too, but it’s not as good as the original one. The story is about the change of Charie, the main charactor. He is retarded, but, by operation, he became genius, however…
    The distinct charactoristic of this book is that you can tell how fool or genius he is by style, because the book consists of the diary of him. At first there are so many fundamental spell miss, but when he is genius, it’s difficult to understand what he says perfectly.
    And I like “Never Let Me Go” second!!
    I’m a big fun of Kazuo Ishiguro!

  9. Jiin Choi says:

    Hi. This is Jiin.

    I loved “The Hunger Game” and “The Arm of the Starfish”.
    “The Hunger Game”, there is a movie originated to it but I haven’t seen it yet and I will not until I finish reading the book.:)) The story is quite simple but it wasn’t boring at all reading it because the flow of the story was very interesting.
    And “The Arm of the Starfish”, it is a mystery which is my favorite genre. The author’s writing style is kind of simple and clear so it wasn’t hard to understand it. Also, I am really curious about the ending of the book as all mystery novels make me so haha.

  10. Jay says:

    Mao’s Last Dancer was my favorite.
    I don’t like communism and dancing but it was interesting to read how the man character struggles between two countries (US and China) and cultures. I really liked the part where he first goes to the States and gets started by how the States is really different from his home country. It reminds me a bit of a Green Day song for some reason.

  11. Shino Yanagimura says:

    I liked to read The Hunger Games, but I guess there are a lot of people who wants to read it! If The Hunger Game is difficult, I would like to read Star Girl. It’s about a really strange girl who came to a school where everybody wants to be the same and not stick out. I read about 4 years ago, but I can’t remember how it ended, so I wish I could read it again. But honestly, I’d like to read how the Hunger Game ends :3 Also, I couldn’t come to class today, sorry! I’ll leave the book and review in your office.

  12. Mayu says:

    The book I like most is “Tingo”
    Because Im interested in languages and I can skip some pages ;P
    Reading about Japanese words Ive already know is interesting enough too!

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