Interactive English: Reception

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on June 5, 2012

In the next class we will practice the skill of predicting. This will help prepare your schemata and provide information with which to check your comprehension. Please read the passage below then in the comments predict what you think will happen in the story.

Dear ____,

I’m here at my uncle Tommy’s beach house. It’s about nine o’clock at night. I’m upstairs, by myself. I’ve got my pen, my spiral notebook… I don’t know how to start. I don’t even know if I can do this. But I will try. It can’t make anything worse… Outside it’s raining and dark…

While you read The Curious Incident pages 132-155, please keep a record of the characters and write the answers to the following questions in your journal.

1. What important information do we find out about Christopher’s mother?

2. Why did his father lie to him about his mother?

3. In chapter 163, what do we learn about how Christopher thinks?

4. Who killed Wellington? Why?

5. Predict what will happen in the next 20 pages.

Also don’t forget to do your Book Review! (If you don’t come to class, leave the book in the box in front of my office, #629)


14 responses to “Predicting

  1. JayztheSwagger says:

    Well, he has a pen and a notebook so I can see that he’s planning to write something in it. And assuming from what he wrote in the letter, the whole thing is going to be quite an ordeal for him. Maybe he’s going to make a confession of some sort.


  2. Kei Inamura says:


    As he has a pen and a notebook, I think he is writing something.And because he seems to be nervous, it should be something awful for him.He may confess terrible things he has done or horrible ideas.

  3. Wataru Okubo says:

    I did a little detective work.
    This passage is obviously the start of a letter and so there is at least one person that the writer wants to tell the story. That person may be close to him and related to the story. Being at a beach house at 9 o’clock at night means there are few people, if any, around him. The sentence “It can’t make anything worse.” indicates that he is already in trouble. So I think he’s trying to write about it. Then, his insecurity and a lack of confidence about what he will have to face imply that he has never experienced things like that. Plus, considering he is visiting the uncle’s beach house, even if it’s not allowed, he seems to be young. At least he doesn’t look the type of tough guy. And it sounds to me that even though this is a letter, he’s not writing in order to get any quick response nor help. It’s more like he puts emphasis on stirring himself up and telling what he has done/will do to reassure the reader. Finally, it can be said that the description of the rain and darkness reflects his feelings and implies something sad or scary will be talked about…
    To sum up, because of the gloomy depiction, I don’t think this is going to be a funny or heart-warming story. Judging from the passage, I could imagine that he is an ordinary boy who accidentally experienced something bad or strange and had to put himself in a severe situation. What he’s done might be one of socially unacceptable or illegal things or something he can’t take back. But as he doesn’t seem to have done it intentionally, I guess he may have had to do it for justice or did it just out of curiosity.

  4. Takumi Nakanishi says:


    From such a short passage, I can’t get enough information to correctly predict what is happen and what will happen, but what I can say at least is that the writer is going to confide something secret and that might be related to Tommy and terrifying. A bloody murder might have happened in a isolated island due to a sudden storm or he/she might be just planning to have a surprise party for Tommy. I hope the former is the case, because ….. I don’t want to reveal my sexual orientation and inmorality, so I ‘ll stop writng.

    Instruments of punishment(刑具/けいぐ)

  5. Satomi Togari says:

    Hello, hello!

    A beach house seems like a very unlikely place to start writing something!
    I think the narrator wanted to be on his/her own to spill his/her deepest secret(s), and from the narrator’s hesitation, we can tell how huge a burden the “secret” is to the narrator.
    Also, a spiral notebook holds loads of pages, which implies how serious the confession is.
    I imagine the narrator is a teenager/young adult from the way he/she addresses his/her uncle, and the storm outside creates a gloomy atmosphere that emphasizes the serious situation in which the narrator is trapped.
    Therefore, I think the narrator will start writing…
    – about a crime he/she committed
    – a certain confession (ex: I’m from outer space)
    – bad news. (ex: My dog got killed by a pitch fork.)

    If only we knew _who_ the narrator is writing to!


  6. Shogo Inoue says:


    I think he or she is writing a diary to himself. From how it’s written it might be a diary because you could read it as if he is writing it to himself. From this passage we could understand that he is in some trouble, that is upsetting him very much. He is obviously going to write something, and it might be something that he kept it a secret from other people, but can no longer keep it a secret. From the passage thing that he is going to confess is something dark. It might be something that is related to crime, such as murder or accident.


  7. saya says:

    When I first read it, I somehow thought ‘Oh, I found the answer. He will jump from the upstairs and die and he is now writing a suicide note. Maybe it was because of seeing the word ‘pen’, ‘note’, ‘upstairs by myself’, ‘oustside’. But looking at the sentense again, my answer seemed nonsense. It says ‘It can’t make anything worse…’ and suicide is the worst thing in the world.

    As all of my classmates said, he will probaply confess something important. And because he says ‘I don’t know how to start’, he feels some hesitation to write.
    Why is he staying at his uncle’s house? What is he going to write? To whom? Is there any reason for him to write a letter at night or care about whether outside?
    Questions remain in my mind…
    Anyway, Bye!

    P.S. Where is the mysterious sentence in the assignment last week from?

  8. Ayumi Sugaya says:

    I think he probably confess something in his notebook, too.
    Also, judging from the setting of this story,the fact that he will confess is obviously something bad.Words in this story such as night,by myself,rain, and dark all bring us a somber mood.Besides, a person in this story is confused and “…” is used three times, so we can guess he or she feels very depressed of writing it. We can also know he or she is in the worst situation right now, because he or she is saying” It can’t make anything worse.”
    I don’t know whether “Outside it’s raining and dark” is the sentence in his writing or not,but if this is the first sentence of his writing, he will not confess someting for a particular person but for indefinite people,I think.


  9. Shino Yanagimura says:

    Maybe he ran away from his home, since he had a fight or something, and is hiding in his uncle’s beach house, trying to figure out what to do next. He is writing a letter to someone to organize his mind and to feel reliefed by telling someone his story. The reason why he brought his note and pen is because he wants to be a poet or something, and the reason he fought with his parents is because they said his dream is stupid.

  10. Mina says:

    I think he has some secret that he can’t tell to anyone and is trying to write it down for some reason.
    He is in beach house, so it must be summer, and he will experience an adventure in this story.
    This story seem thrilling and exciting. I look forward to reading it.

  11. Jiin Choi says:

    Hi.This is Jiin.

    Guessing from the part about “pen” and “notebook”, he seems to be about to write something. It may be about his confession or secret about what he did or what he knows.But it is sure that what he is going to write about is kind of serious one.

  12. Mayu says:


    I think that the moment he opens his notebook, something mysterious(human beings or ghost?I don’t know) appears and it takes him to wonderful place such as India or Singapore!


  13. Kano Nagashima says:

    I think there was a murder at this writer’s house and that he will start investigating the house for clues that might lead to the suspect. But ,I am guessing that the writer has a clue that the murder is still in the house hiding ,so he will be very very careful and start the investigation.

  14. Akira Nemoto says:

    Hi. This is Akira.
    I guess he will start writing his autobiography, because he is having a pen and a notebook and he says he doesn’t know how to start. Moreover, beachhouse is a suitable place to write.

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